Whoopi Goldberg Threatens To Quit ‘The View’ If Producers Keep Trying To Get Candace Owens To Join?

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Is Whoopi Goldberg threatening to leave the view now that Candace Owens is considered Meghan McCain‘s replacement on The View? One tabloid insists Goldberg “drew the line” when Owens’s name came up. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor.

Whoopi Goldberg ‘Threatens To Walk’?

This week, Life & Style reports that controversial commentator Candace Owens is considered a potential replacement for Meghan McCain on The View, and Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t have it. Although Goldberg didn’t often agree with McCain, the outlet claims hiring Owens would be like going from “bad to worse.” An inside source dishes to the tabloid, “She lost it when she found out ABC was considering bringing on Candace Owens.”

Owens has never been shy about expressing her political views. The political commentator has been vocal in her criticisms of the Black Lives Matter Movement and often gets into heated public feuds with celebrities like Harry Styles and Cardi B. Given Owens’ reputation, the tabloid insists her entrance to The View would be the last straw for Goldberg.

“She actually threatened to walk if they hired her,” the insider spills to the tabloid. The outlet does admit that a representative for the show has denied the rumor that Goldberg is considering leaving. That being said, the source goes on, “Joy Behar said she would follow suit and quit were Candace to join the panel. So needless to say, it’s complete chaos over at The View.”

Candace Owens To Replace Meghan McCain?

So, is it true Owens is being considered to replace McCain on The View? We seriously doubt it. Gossip Cop recently debunked this rumor when Owens’ name was first thrown around along with other Republican women. TMZ, far more reputable than any tabloid, has confirmed that ABC is searching for a Republican host to fill McCain’s spot, but they are in no rush to do so. In fact, it’s been reported that the network plans to try out multiple different guest hosts to see who has the best chemistry with the current co-hosts.

That’s definitely a far cry from the tabloid’s claim that the show was willing to lose not one but two current hosts to land Owens. Even the tabloid admitted that a representative for the show had denied its story. “While a rep for the show denies Whoopi, 65, made such a power play,” muses the tabloid, “Candace’s team tellingly says the pundit has yet to be formally approached.” So, Goldberg isn’t walking, and Owens hasn’t been asked to join the show. By the tabloid’s own admission, there is no story here.

The Tabloid On ‘The View’

This isn’t the first time Life & Style has been wrong about The View. Earlier this year, the tabloid claimed McCain was leaving because Joy Behar was chasing her off. Of course, the report was an oversimplification and was incredibly misleading. Then, the outlet alleged The View was courting Caitlyn Jenner as McCain’s replacement. Of course, Gossip Cop was able to debunk that story as well. Clearly, Life & Style has no insight into the inner workings of The View.

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