Whoopi Goldberg’s Friends Worried After Shocking Weight Gain?

Are Whoopi Goldberg‘s friends fearing for her health? One tabloid reports stress-eating is going to kill the TV personality. Here’s what we know.

‘Stressed-Out’ Whoopi Goldberg ‘Packs On 30 LBS’?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports Whoopi Goldberg is “eating her way to an early grave.” An insider dished to the tabloid, “Whoopi’s stress levels are through the roof and she’s been gorging on food as a way to deal — and now she’s as big as a house!” The source goes on, “It’s shocking how much weight she put on over the summer alone. She was always good at hiding the bulges under big blouses, but she’s tipping the scales at 200 pounds and she’s the heaviest she’s ever been!”

The magazine insists drama at The View is behind her weight gain. According to the report, the stress is getting to her. “It’s definitely taking its toll,” the tipster confides, “She’s pigging out on M&Ms and chips and knocking back the sodas, and she looks like she hasn’t exercised a day in her life!” But her weight isn’t the only the only health crisis Goldberg is grappling with. The View co-host recently had a stint in the hospital after a painful flare up of her sciatica. And to make matters worse, she’s still recovering from a case of double pneumonia and sepsis.

“Her friends fear her weight gain could lead to a stroke or heart attack,” the snitch explains. The actress has also been open about her struggles with insomnia, and the magazine insists she’s snacking all night too. “She acts like she doesn’t care how she looks or what people think, but she has friends out there who are seriously concerned!”

‘Comfort Food Killing’ Whoopi Goldberg?

While it’s true Goldberg has had her fair share of health battles, she isn’t letting them slow her down. Goldberg just inked a new four-year deal to remain on The View, and she stunned in a gorgeous Valentino gown at the Met Gala. If she really were only a few M&Ms away from an early grave, we seriously doubt she’d be able to maintain such a strong public presence. Furthermore, the fact that she’s getting around without her walker tells us she’s feeling better now than she did a few months ago.

Besides, it’s obvious from the tabloid’s rhetoric that it has no insight into Whoopi Goldberg’s health. If this “insider” really was concerned for her, they wouldn’t call her “as big as a house” or a “nonstop eating machine.” Clearly, this report was written with the sole intention of shaming Goldberg, and the tabloid doesn’t actually have any medical expertise.

The Tabloid On Celebrity Weight Gain

But this isn’t the first time the Globe has feigned concern for a celebrity’s health just to criticize their appearance. Not long ago, the magazine reported “flabby Fonzie” Henry Winkler was told to diet or else he’d die. Then the tabloid alleged people were fearing for “ballooning” Hillary Clinton’s health. The publication even claimed Elton John was at risk for heart attack after yo-yo dieting. Obviously, the Globe has a history of body-shaming celebrities and shouldn’t be trusted when it comes to reporting on their health.


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