Why a Nano Influencer Marketing Gives You an Edge on the Competition

By now, you’ve heard about influencer marketing. It’s one of the fastest-growing marketing techniques today, as social media usage continues to increase worldwide. You wouldn’t be the only company to consider working with an influencer to produce endorsed content on your behalf. 

To get the upper hand on your competition, you should consider partnering with a nano influencer. Here are five reasons why: 

1. It’s Naturally Localized Content 

Any marketer knows an ad or endorsement deal has to be adjusted for your local audiences—that includes your influencer marketing campaign. Localization involves tweaking your content to make your brand more accessible to specific demographics. 

Localization might look like translating a slogan, and tweaking it to ensure it carries the same sentiment as the original. It can also include transcreating your entire campaign with a cross-cultural viewpoint, tweaking symbols, cultural references, and even colors to appeal to local audiences. 

Most nano influencers have built their careers on being local in their city, and many of their followers follow them for local content. 

Of course, finding a local nano in every city you plan on targeting can get tough without a local influencer agency on your side. For example, if you plan on launching in New York City, an influencer agency based in NYC can help you find the hottest nano content creators that fit your niche. The same goes for any major city across North America. 

2. Influencers Are Experts in Their Field

Whether or not you work with an NYC influencer agency to find content creators, you’ll partner with an expert, provided you stick to nano content creators. Nano influencers tend to focus on one area of content, which helps them refine their knowledge and experience within your field. With the right partnership, you can find an expert in the type of products you want to promote, which lends credence to their endorsement. 

3. Influencers Create Content

Nano influencers built up their following by creating dynamic and engaging content that appeals to their audience. When you partner with content creators who match your niche, you can trust them to make creative and professional content. It will also be unique to your endorsement, never rehashed content. 

All this means is that your marketing team can take a load off. After working with an influencer marketing agency, you can leave the content creation to your nano. 

Compare this to celebrity endorsements, which usually require your team to write a script. Sometimes, the celebrity forgets to delete these instructions. Celebrities screwing up sponsored Instagram posts peels back the curtain of your partnership in an uncomfortable way. 

4. Nano Influencer Inspire Trust

Nano influencer marketing scores high in authenticity, the kind that resonates with consumers. That’s because they’re still relatively small accounts. In other words, they haven’t gotten too big to sell out. 

Unlike traditional ads or mega influencers, nano content creators are more relatable to their followers. They come across as a friend or family member who has a curated recommendation to share, not a canned endorsement. 

5. Greater Return on Investment 

The biggest benefit to working with an influencer agency is your engagement rate. Authenticity and trust translate into engagement. Nanos consistently generate a higher engagement rate than celebrity endorsements. As a result, your cost-per-engagement (CPE) often costs you less than $0.50. 

In terms of your budget, nano content creators are often more affordable than influencers who have huge followers. You can have deals with 15 nanos for the price of one of these big influencers, promising a bigger impact for less. 


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