Why Are ‘RHOP’ Stars Candiace Dillard-Bassett and Mia Thornton Feuding?

While it’s standard practice for the ladies to comment on the show as it airs in real-time, sometimes their opinions can land them in hot water with one another. And after Candiace shared an unfavorable opinion about Mia, all hell broke loose. So, fans have one question: Why are Candiace and Mia in the middle of a feud? Read on as we spill the tea.

‘RHOP’s’ Candiace Dillard-Bassett called Mia Thornton a liar in an interview.

The gloves have officially come off! On August 18, 2021, Candiace sat down with TheJasmineBRAND for an Instagram Live interview. During the chat, she shared that she has watched fellow cast member Mia “lie at every turn.”

“This is the first season where I felt like I knew what was going on during the season and watching it back, I realized I did not know what was happening during the season,” Candiace told TheJasmineBRAND. “Watching Mia lie at every turn is like, ‘What?!’”

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And Candiace didn’t stop there. The 34-year-old directly called out instances where she felt that Mia lied.

“I wasn’t at the first all-cast event because I was sick,” Candiace said. “I missed where she didn’t know how old she was, she didn’t know how far apart she and [her husband Gordon] were, she said she had her cl-t done but it was actually vaginal rejuvenation … I was like, ‘What is going on?!’”

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Once Mia got wind of Candiace’s comments, she quickly threw shade at Candiace and reposted the outlet’s Instagram Live post.

“Y’all wanna pop off with me? I’ll be happy to get you adjusted. Exactly where you’ll find me, minding my own damn business,” Mia wrote with the hashtags #3strikes, #bravo, and #puppet. Whew, chile!

The beauty also took things a step further with a lengthy comment under her post that addresses Candiace’s claims.

Mia shared that she has never lied and that “no one has ever asked the age difference,” in regards to Mia and her husband, Gordon. The 36-year-old also took a moment to throw some shade at cast member Wendy Osefo.

“Wendy’s boring, no storyline, a– was trying to stay relevant on account of me because I’m lit hunty! Where’s the lie? PLEASE tell me what I lied about, but this right here, I don’t play with,” Mia wrote. Yikes!

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Many ‘RHOP’ fans believe that Candiace is simply using Mia for a storyline.

In case you didn’t know, not too many people are hashtag #TeamCandiace. After Season 5’s blow-up with former cast member Monique Samuels, many viewers believed that Candiace provoked Monique to attack her. And Candiace’s behavior at the Season 5 reunion solidified that point.

Now that Monique has bid RHOP adieu, many viewers think that Candiace doesn’t have much of a storyline. And since some of the ladies are saying that Mia is a liar, it appears that Candiace is also jumping on the bandwagon to serve her own interests.

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Mia Thornton

“At this point, stop talking about other people in interviews,” one fan commented under Mia’s shady Instagram post.

“It makes zero sense. They need a storyline badly if the fact that you forgot the age gap between you and your husband is still a topic. After 30, who even remembers their age anymore,” another fan commented.

Despite the controversy, Mia is still sticking to her guns. Although the ladies can sometimes hash out their issues and move forward, fans don’t see Mia and Candiace burying the hatchet. The only way Mia may forgive Candiace is if she genuinely apologizes.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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