Why Are ‘RHOP’s’ Wendy and Gizelle Feuding? Hint: Rumors Are to Blame

Season 6 has proven to be a trying one for the reality star. After Wendy learned that fellow cast member Gizelle Bryant has been discussing sensitive rumors about her family, she went postal. With viewers seeing how serious Wendy is taking this latest misstep, social media users have one question in mind: What is the reason for Wendy Osefo and Gizelle Bryant’s feud? Read on as we give you the lowdown.

‘RHOP’s’ Gizelle Bryant discussed rumors about Wendy’s husband, Eddie Osefo, allegedly cheating on the star.

A wise person once said, “Don’t write a check with your mouth that your behind can’t cash,” meaning, don’t talk about people if you don’t want to get beat up. And we have a feeling that Wendy agrees.

On the latest episode of RHOP, Ashley Darby tells Wendy that Gizelle informed her about a fabricated article that accuses Wendy’s husband, Eddie Osefo, of cheating.

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Wendy immediately goes off on Ashley.

“We’re not talking about it because that’s a lie. Thank you so much for trying to find this opportunity to try to attack my marriage,” Wendy tells Ashley.

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Wendy goes on to share that she finds it amusing Ashley brought up this issue to her and she wonders why Gizelle doesn’t speak to her about it. The 37-year-old quickly shifts gears and decides to confront Gizelle in front of the group.

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Not only does Wendy warn the entire group about talking about her husband, but she also tears into Gizelle with what many fans are calling an iconic read.

“Instead of you coming to me as a woman, you decide to talk to Ashley, so I’m putting your a– on notice,” Wendy says in the video clip via OMFGRealityTV. “Because what you’re not going to do, let’s be very clear, is you’re not going to play with my husband’s name. Don’t f–k with my family. I’m saying it to you kindly.”

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Wendy continues, “Let me be very clear, f–k these motherf–king cameras.” She says, “I’m telling you very clearly, when you talk about my husband, you talk about me. It’s not about it being true, it’s about you not having any dignity to say, ‘I’m gonna come to you as a woman to have the conversation.’ Don’t get your a– whooped!”

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Whew! Wendy then goes on to say Gizelle “doesn’t understand the parameters regarding people’s husbands because she doesn’t have a relationship that holds water.”

And she doesn’t stop there! Wendy continues her rant, adding that she sees Gizelle for everything everybody ever said she was, and that “God is paying [Gizelle’s] a– back.”

Wendy Osefo

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She further threatens Gizelle with bodily harm.

“I will drag you up and down the street over my husband, don’t play with me,” Wendy says.

Wendy’s final blow to Gizelle also came with a few strays aimed at Gizelle’s ex-husband, Jamal Bryant. Wendy shared that Gizelle has low self-esteem for maintaining a relationship with Jamal despite his philandering ways. She also said she knew Gizelle and Jamal before coming on the show, so Gizelle needs to “tread lightly.”

Social media users are saying that Wendy Osefo owes former cast member, Monique Samuels, an apology.

Social media never forgets a thing. RHOP fans have brought up the fact that Wendy and Gizelle’s current feud sounds like the exact issue former cast member Monique Samuels had with Gizelle.

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During Season 5, Monique learned that Gizelle was also speaking negatively about her husband, Chris Samuels, and shared a rumor about Chris possibly not being the father of Monique’s youngest son, Chase.

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On the Season 5 reunion, Monique let Gizelle have it with her infamous “Binder Full of Receipts.” Monique spilled the tea about Gizelle and Jamal’s relationship, proof of Jamal denying that he and Gizelle have rekindled their relationship, and receipts of Jamal’s alleged real girlfriend.

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Since Wendy was one of the women that iced Monique out during Season 5, fans are calling for an apology — especially since Wendy referenced what Monique said about Gizelle attacking people’s families without any remorse. Plus, she also threatened Gizelle with bodily harm, which was something Wendy called out Monique for doing to Candiace.

Will Wendy and Gizelle be able to bury the hatchet? Fans highly doubt it. After all, there is no coming back from continuously spreading rumors concerning someone’s marriage.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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