Why Australians call Woolworths shopping carts trolleys

A Woolies shopper, who shared a TikTok video about a new disinfectant machine, has been slammed by Americans over an unlikely word.

An Aussie shopper who shared a Woolworths video online has been slammed by US TikTok users over an unlikely word.

The Sydney woman, who goes by the name of Shereen Chadoud on TikTok, originally shared a clip about how her Woolies store in Bankstown had installed a machine for customers to disinfect their trolleys.

“Thank you Woolworths for looking after us,” she captioned the post, referencing the new machine.

However, in her video, which has since been viewed four million times, US followers were quick to slam the customer over her use of the word “trolley”. According to them, it should be called “cart”.

“It’s called a shopping cart, NOT a trolley,” one person wrote.

“That looks like a shopping cart to me, not a trolley,” said another, while a third simply added: “Cart*.”

Other US and even UK users were confused to see the shopper at a Woolworths store, which closed in those countries in 1997 and 2009 respectively. In the UK, the chain was a department store like Kmart and Target.

“First it’s a cart. Second they still have Woolworths?” one person commented.

“No such place as Woolworths anymore,” said another.

However many Aussies were quick to clarify the video is based in Australia where Woolies is a popular supermarket.

“This is in Australia not the UK. It’s not the same company. Woolworths is Australia’s biggest supermarket,” one person commented.

The Woolies shopper who originally shared the clip also hit back in a separate video.

“To all the hate I got on my last post, specifically to my US followers,” she said, “in Australia we have Woolworths and we use a trolley not a cart to put our shopping in.”

Other Australian TikTok users also backed her with one person saying: “Fun fact. There are actually other places outside of America and they do things that Americans don’t do or say.”

Another joked: “Why is it that every time ANY country does something or says something that is a bit different, America always ready to fight?”

“I’m an American living in Australia and I still say CART when I go shopping,” said another, with an Aussie user responding: “That’s nice. It doesn’t make trolley wrong.”

Despite all the Aussie clarification, some Americans simply refused the word “trolley”.

“They’re called carts,” one wrote. “Deal with it.”

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