Why Can I Only See Netflix Originals on Netflix?

Netflix – Picture: Getty Images

In recent weeks, we’ve seen growing reports of some Netflixers only being able to see Netflix Original shows and not the full library in their region. If this is happening to you, here’s why and how you can stop it. 

The problems seem to stem from a recent update Netflix made to tackling VPN usage. Before, Netflix would tackle VPNs by showing you the library of the country you’re trying to jump onto but block you from actually watching. Now, the app simply shows titles to which Netflix has the global rights to which naturally slims down the library considerably.

You can see a myriad of reports on the likes of Reddit, Twitter, and even blogs covering the issue.

CanadaVPNs wrote a report on the issue saying that some residential IP users (those not using a proxy or VPN) have been caught in the crossfire.

We reached out to Netflix’s technical support who told us:

“TV show and movie licensing agreements determine in which regions content is available. When using a VPN to access Netflix, your region is hidden, so Netflix displays content that is available to all regions globally.”

What if you’re not using a VPN though as some of the reports we cited earlier suggest. Well, Netflix is aware of the problem. One rep told us:

“There have been reports from other customers experiencing the same thing. Our engineers are already aware and are investigating this issue to get it back on track.

You may try it again at a later time and if you still get the same issue, rest assured that our research team are working on the case and will just work right away once resolved.”

TorrentFreak also reported on the increasing problems and got a response from Netflix officially. Here’s what they said:

“A Netflix spokesperson informed us that the company is not banning all content for VPN and proxy services. Netflix originals are still available, as we mentioned. The streaming service is working with people who were inadvertently affected to restore access to the full library.”

Some reports have suggested resetting the app and calling your ISP to determine whether you’re using a proxy/VPN is the way to go as they can reset things from their end.

As we wrote about recently, using a VPN with Netflix while used to be fruitful simply isn’t worth your time but sadly, it looks like the cat-and-mouse game between VPNs and Netflix has got some regular users caught in the crossfire.

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