Why did Joe and Kendall break up from Bachelor in Paradise?

KENDALL Long and Joe Amabile’s Bachelor in Paradise journey first began on season five of the program.

The pair called it quits after a two-year relationship, but their journey continues on the newest season of Paradise.


Joe Amabile and Kendall LongCredit: Getty

Why did Joe and Kendall break up from Bachelor in Paradise?

Joe and Kendall first met on the Paradise beach in summer of 2018.

The pair didn’t leave Mexico as a couple, however, fans learned during the reunion that they gave their romance a fair shot.

They moved to Los Angeles together, but subsequently announced their split in January of 2020.

Kendall admitted on a podcast that she was blindsided by the breakup.

Joe and Kendall dated for two years after Bachelor in Paradise season five


Joe and Kendall dated for two years after Bachelor in Paradise season fiveCredit: Getty

“I did not see it coming,” she said on her “Down to Date” podcast in February 2020.

“Every relationship has issues but I feel like — with Joe and I — we were best friends. Everything was fun, we were getting a dog together. We had just moved in … Ultimately what happened was that Joe felt like he would have a better [life] in Chicago.”

“If anyone knows me, I’m not the person that plans my wedding and I was literally doing that with Joe,” she said. “But something weird about ending something with some that you thought you were going to marry [is] you almost feel like you have such a better idea of what you’re looking for.”

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“I forgot all of what Paradise is about and it is a wild ride, and this season is insane. It really is. … It almost was, like, every day got more and more intense,” Joe said on his “Click Bait” podcast in July 2021 ahead of the premiere.

“It was a lot different than my first time. It was wild.”

What was the conversation between Joe and Kendall on Bachelor in Paradise?

Kendall arrived on the Bachelor in Paradise beach on August 6, intent on finding closure with Joe.

It was apparent that Kendall’s disinterest in moving to Chicago played a large part in the pair’s breakup.

Fans, however, pointed out that Kendall’s timing was strange, as she chose to join the show and air her grievances a year after the duo had split.

“unless kendall is here to tell joe she’s moving to chicago, i really don’t see what the point of her showing up to paradise is,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Overall, fans found that the conversation came off sounding forced and Kendall’s arrival unnecessary.

Kendall decided to leave the show on the September 21 episode after seeing Joe and Serena Pitt’s blossoming relationship.

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When is the finale of Bachelor in Paradise?

The final episode of Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 at 8pm to 11pm.

The sneak peak of the finale reveals Kendall Long coming back to the beach, presumably to speak with Joe.

Couples have the choice to get engaged, leave the show as a couple or go their separate ways as the season concludes.

Following Bachelor in Paradise, a new season of The Bachelorette starts on Tuesday, October 19 as Michelle Young starts her love quest.

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