Why Did Kanye West Sample Globglogabgalab on “Donda”? Details

Through the four listening parties that Kanye West has hosted to promote his latest album, “Donda,” the project has seen numerous changes. For better or worse, “Donda” seems to finally be manifesting into its final state ahead of its still undetermined release date, but one of the most recent additions to it has caught the eyes of fans and internet users more than others.

That addition happens to be the animated character Globglogabgalab from the 2012 film Strawinsky and the Mysterious House, which received mixed critical reception upon its release. So, what was Kanye’s reasoning, if any, for adding Globglogabgalab to the album? Here’s what we know so far.

Why is Globglogabgalab featured on Kanye’s “Donda”? The addition caught many off guard.

Although Kanye’s most recent iteration of “Donda” saw plenty of changes that caused mixed reactions, including the omissions of featured artists like Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Pusha T, and Jadakiss, one addition has set the internet ablaze. That addition is none other than Globglogabgalab, who now handles the closing verse on the song “Remote,” which previously featured Kid Cudi.

Indeed, Cudi’s trademark vocal styling was replaced with Globglogabgalab’s song from the film, which has become a meme of sorts in the roughly nine years since Strawinsky and the Mysterious House premiered to little fanfare and mixed reviews from critics. The reasoning behind Kanye’s addition of Globglogabgalab to the track largely remains unclear, but some fans are already speculating about his reasoning.

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One theory is that Kanye’s daughter, North West, showed him the film and he decided to include Globglogabgalab based on solely that. There is no confirmation that this is true, but plenty of people seem to feel that it could be a solid explanation.

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Another theory that has emerged came from a joke review of an earlier “Donda” listening party on YouTube. In that video, creator videogamedunkey played the original Globglogabgalab track from the film during his mock review of Kanye’s album.

This was weeks before the artist performed the version of “Remote” that actually featured the animated character in Chicago. Some fans are speculating on Reddit that Kanye or someone in his camp saw videogamedunkey’s video and decided to include the sample.

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Beyond these theories, there is some alignment between Globglogabgalab and Kanye.

Given that the story of the film that Globglogabgalab is from is a Christian allegory, it does align with Kanye’s religious leanings to an extent. Furthermore, there are some connections that can be drawn between the tale of Globglogabgalab and Kanye’s public persona over the last few months.

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The Globglogabgalab was just a normal elf created by the Great Elohim. Then, thanks to temptations from Rat King, the Globglogabgalab fell under the spell of evil.

As a result of this, he was transformed into an amorphous blob that only vaguely resembled his previous self. This caused him to fear the Scarlet Queen, who would punish him for his transgressions, so he hid away in a house full of books.

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The parallels to Kanye are there, albeit loosely, but it somewhat makes sense. Kanye may feel like his controversial actions over the years have turned him “evil” like the Globglogabgalab, so he “hid” himself away, either through his multi-week long stay in a windowless room at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta or through his wearing a full head mask and not revealing his face for months.

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The artist has also notoriously used “skat” style rapping and singing techniques on other songs in the past. Whether it be on “Lift Yourself,” “Feel The Love,” or even the ending of his other unreleased “Donda” track “Heaven & Hell,” there are repeated instances of abstract sounds in Kanye’s discography. Maybe, to him, sampling the Globglogabgalab’s nonsensical words was merely a natural extension of that tendency.

Of course, these claims are all speculative and nothing is confirmed until Kanye himself speaks on it, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from coming up with some truly wild theories as to why Globglogabgalab ended up as the final feature artist on “Remote.”

Nonetheless, it remains to be seen whether or not the addition makes it to the final copy of “Donda,” which still does not have a set release date.

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