Why did Lauren Coogan leave The Challenge?

FANS of MTV’s The Challenge noticed Lauren Coogan was largely missing from the premiere episode of The Challenge 37: Spies, Lies, and Allies.

She spoke on her presumed removal from the show on social media.

Why did Lauren Coogan leave The Challenge?

The new season of The Challenge saw 20 fresh faces alongside the veterans of the show.

UK native and Love Island USA season two contestant Lauren Coogan debuted on the show and chose Big Brother 19 contestant Josh Martinez as her Challenge partner.

The first episode, however, didn’t feature any footage of the pair outside of their picture popping up in the opening credits.

PinkRose, a social media spoiler account, claimed the producers disqualified Coogan after she made racially insensitive remarks towards Aneesa Ferreira during a party in the house.

Lauren Coogan was missing from the new season of The Challenge


Lauren Coogan was missing from the new season of The ChallengeCredit: Getty

Cast members and producers have not publicly confirmed the rumor.

Coogan acknowledged her apparent disappearance from the episode by tweeting of an straight-faced picture of herself with the caption, “Me trying not to say everything I know.”

She followed up from her tweet shortly afterwards with a series of messages.

“All jokes aside, I got gaslit and scapegoated on two major networks within the same month. My anxiety skyrocketed, my mental health was literally in shambles and this led me to an identity crisis of sorts,” she wrote.

“Reality TV is supposed to be a source of entertainment and fun. To break the monotony of real life for the audience. We didn’t sign up to be role models or politicians.”

“We are just people figuring it out (in front of millions) both brave and crazy enough to put our lives out there for the pure amusement of whoever chooses to watch.”

“With that being said, we are still sharing parts of our real lives. Your comedy can be our tragedy and vise versa. So just a reminder, don’t believe everything you hear/ watch… And treat people with kindness,” she concluded.

Coogan furthered answered questions about her lack of air time on her Instagram stories after the second episode aired.

She claimed she didn’t want to talk about her experience on the show, saying it was “so traumatic” and “the worst time of my life” and that she needed therapy to recover.

Replying to another fan, she said “MTV legal” didn’t have time to review her alleged remarks before the next challenge began.

How can I watch The Challenge?

The Challenge 37 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.

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