Why Do Rams Fans Wear Watermelons? Melonhead History, Explained

These days, the Patch has grown to include a new generation of Melonheads. “I am known as ‘Big Seed,’ and my 8-year-old daughter, Sofia, is ‘Lil Seed,’” Lance said in the Rams article.

And for all these years, the Melon Patch has been seeding energy — pun attended — among fans, coaches, and players, including late Rams star Kevin Greene.

“We strategically had season seats right by the Rams tunnel so we could pump up the players as they came onto the field,” Lance said. “Kevin Greene actually put one of our watermelons on his head after a victorious game and ran into the tunnel and headed to the locker room … on two separate occasions!”

John Johnson, a free safety who played for the Rams from 2017 to 2020, also showed Melonhead pride. “Besides being an all-pro talent, he has a great personality and supports the Melonheads,” Lance said. “He once wore a Melonheads t-shirt on the field during pregame warm-ups at the Coliseum.”

So, watermelons were just an arbitrary choice of headwear for Lance and his buddies. “People always ask: ‘Why melons? What do melons have to do with the Rams?’” he told the Times. “And the answer is nothing.”


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