Why Has Kim Kardashian Been Completely Covering Her Face Lately?

While we cannot be exactly sure why Kim Kardashian has opted to cover her face lately, many believe that she has been inspired by the father of her children, aka her estranged husband, Kanye West. In a piece by Forbes, contributor Nadja Sayej makes the case that perhaps Kim’s Met Gala look might have been a by-product of Kanye’s new album, “Donda,” which features nothing more than a black square on its cover art — and it appears the masses would tend to agree. One Twitter user wrote, “Kim K cosplaying as Donda cover,” about Kim’s curious Met get up. 

Still, others couldn’t help but poke fun at the rather, um, interesting fashion choice. One user compared Kim’s look to that of a “dementor.” YIKES!

In another intriguing turn of pop culture events, after what appeared to a very Kanye West-inspired fashion step on Kim’s part, many pointed towards a Kimye reconciliation. “Tell me you’re back with Kanye without telling me you’re back with Kanye,” one Twitter user penned, while another hopeless romantic simply wrote, “Kim is not leaving that man.” One thing’s for sure — Kimmy loves to keep us guessing!


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