Why is Abby Lee Miller using a wheelchair?

ABBY Lee Miller was known as the strict choreographer on Dance Moms, which launched her to fame over a decade ago.

But the dance coach has been left wheelchair bound, with some fans wondering why.


Abby Lee Miller now has to use a wheelchairCredit: Getty

Why is Abby Lee Miller using a wheelchair?

Abby needs to use a wheelchair following her cancer battle back in 2018 which has left her paraplegic.

She was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphom when she was living in a halfway house, shortly after leaving prison.

According to Lymphoma Research Foundation, “Burkitt’s Lymphoma is a rare but highly aggressive (fast-growing) lymphoma.

“This disease may affect the jaw, central nervous system, bowel, kidneys, ovaries, or other organs. Burkitt lymphoma may spread to the central nervous system.”

Abby seen here before her cancer battle


Abby seen here before her cancer battleCredit: Getty Images – Getty

How is Abby Lee Miller doing now?

Dance Moms took over the reality TV scene back in the early 2010s and choreographer Abby was the star of the show.

The show ran for eight seasons on the Lifetime channel from 2011 to 2019 – with Abby at the helm until 2016.

In 2017 she was sentenced to a year in prison for bankrupcy fraud.

These days Abby has become an Instagram star, and can be found posting videos and pictures of her doing her physio exercises from her wheelchair.

She also continues to work as choreographer.

What has Abby Lee Miller said?

In a 2021 interview, Abby revealed that she learning to walk again after having an elective operation to help ease her pain and regain her mobility.  

Speaking to Daily Mail she said: ‘I want to have more independence. I want to live my life. I want to be able to jump in the shower anytime I want, anytime I feel like it. That’s a huge goal.

‘People see me sitting in the chair, and I’m in make-up and hair and, “Oh, she’s doing great.”

“They don’t really see what goes on behind closed doors. It’s rough. Very rough.’

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller vows she will walk again after health issues


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