Why Is ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Star Whitney Way Thore So Anxious?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore is preparing for the future, but it is making her nervous. In the August 31 episode of the TLC reality show, she is preparing to go to a doctor. However, she is worried she might get some news she doesn’t want to hear. What is making Whitney so nervous?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore heads to doctor

Ahead of Tuesday’s episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, a sneak peek into the episode reveals that Whitney is nervous. As she prepares for the future, the TLC reality star is visiting a fertility specialist. She has an appointment to see Dr. Tamer Yalcinkaya to discuss her prospects of having a child in the future.

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However, Whitney admits she is feeling “really nervous” that she will get some news she doesn’t want to hear. The TLC reality star admits that she has anxiety, as she wants to be the one who decides if she is going to have a baby. She also wants to be the one that decides how she is going to go about having that baby. Whitney doesn’t want the decision made for her and this is something she is certain about. She also doesn’t want the decision taken away from her or made for her by her body.

Good news for Whitney

Luckily for Whitney, she doesn’t have to worry. The doctor gave her some very good news, saying she has 15 prospective eggs in her right ovary. Moreover, it turns out she has just as many in her left ovary. According to Dr. Yalcinkaya, this is way above average, leading Whitney to say that she is so relieved.

Whitney Way Thore returns for Season 9 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC

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According to Way Thore, her ultimate goal will be to do this naturally with a real human being. However, she said she doesn’t want to “jump the gun” and wants to have options. The doctor had mentioned surrogacy to Whitney, but she told him that she would like the child to be biologically hers.

Freezing Whitney Way Thore’s eggs

According to the fertility specialist, freezing her eggs is the best way for Whitney to do that. He tells her they could work on it as early as her next cycle. As she leaves the doctor’s office, Way Thore is hopeful that next time the doctor will be taking some of her eggs out. Moreover, Whitney is thrilled that she won’t have to “constantly worry” every day that she could never have biological children. This is good news indeed for the hopeful mother!

Readers can watch the full teaser trailer on Hollywood Life’s website. Meanwhile, they can also view this episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life on Tuesday, August 31, at 9 pm on TLC.

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