Why Is Piers Morgan Slamming Meghan And Harry For Being Hypocrites?

In his latest anti-Sussex diatribe for the Daily Mail, Piers Morgan once again attempted to attack Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their philanthropic endeavors in climate change activism and for attempting to aid in COVID-19 vaccine distribution in countries without direct access to the shots, as well as their departure from their duties as senior royals a la Megxit. The column contained a litany of insults hurled at both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, whom Morgan described as “the royal version of the Kardashians — people with no discernible talent other than for pimping themselves out to the highest bidders and a craven desire to air their dirty family linen in public for financial gain.”

His examples included using a private jet while attempting to appeal for decreased carbon emissions, wearing designer clothes in Harlem, and “[haranguing] pharmaceutical firms for not doing enough for ‘equality’ when it comes to dispensing vaccines to poorer countries.” (Notably, Morgan lambasted both Meghan and Harry for not understanding the complexity or nuance of vaccine dissemination, but did not offer any examples as to what these complications are, or why.) Most of his harping appeared to be spurred by Morgan visiting the website for their philanthropic foundation, Archewell. It is unclear as to whether Morgan was spending a significant amount of time on the Archewell website while his temper slowly stewed.


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