Why Is Prince Philip’s Will and Testament Sealed for the Next 90 Years?

At the time of his death, Prince Philip was estimated to be worth around $30 million. While he was serving the court and maintaining his royal duties, he would receive a yearly stipend of $500,000, though it’s unclear if he still received it after he retired in 2017.

After Prince Philip died in April 2021, most of his assets were passed on to Queen Elizabeth. When she dies, it is likely their combined investments and assets will be divided among their four children.

Prince Philip died not long after a one-month stay in the hospital as a “precautionary measure” for an infection combined with a preexisting condition. The family gathered to say their goodbyes before his death, and he spent his final moments with his wife by his side. They had been married for more than 70 years.

“The whole family got a lot of comfort in knowing that [Philip] and Her Majesty got to be together in the sanctuary of Windsor Castle [in his last moments],” a source told Us Weekly.


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