Why Is Rapper YFN Lucci in Jail? The Rapper Had a 105-Count Indictment

Fans were devastated when rapper and musician Rayshawn Bennett, also known as YFN Lucci, was arrested in January 2021. Rayshawn turned himself in to the police after a warrant for his arrest was issued in December 2020, charging him for a shooting that had occurred, in addition to “aggravated assault and participation in criminal street gang activity,” BBC reports.

After the rapper was released on bond in February, he has landed in hot water again. In May 2021, YFN Lucci was sent to jail along with 12 others in a 105-count indictment.

Why is he in jail? And is there a possibility of his release? Here’s everything we know.

Rapper YFN Lucci is in jail for a number of charges, including racketeering and murder.

In May 2021, Fox 5 Atlanta reported that Rayshawn was among 12 others who were charged in a 105-count RICO indictment. The indictment resulted from a six-month investigation and included racketeering, aggravated assault, murder, gun, armed robbery, property damage, theft, and gang-related charges.

The indictment also alleges that each of the 12 people charged, including Rayshawn, are members of the Bloods gang. It accuses them of committing crimes to “protect and enhance the gang’s reputation and to gain and maintain control of territory.”

Rayshawn specifically has been charged with racketeering, violating the state’s anti-gang law, felony murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

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Rayshawn’s previous charges from December 2020 allege he was the driver in a drive-by shooting, and Fox 5 reports that the felony murder charge in his May indictment is based on that incident. The indictment also says that one of the Atlanta sub-groups of the Bloods gang is known by the moniker “YFN” and led by Rayshawn.

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A lawyer for Rayshawn named Drew Findling has maintained his innocence, saying, “[Rayshawn is] not guilty of any crime that’s referenced in the previous charge and now in this indictment.”

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YFN Lucci petitioned for bond in June 2021, but he was denied.

According to Hip Hop DX, the “You Know” rapper petitioned for bond in June 2021, only to be denied. He is currently residing in Fulton County Jail and has since his arrest in May 2021. Rayshawn’s lawyer argues that his career should take precedence and tries to use this to sway the judge. “My client is, your honor, an incredibly successful artist that is very well known nationally and even internationally,” Drew argues.

Recently, Rayshawn has pled with fans to keep reaching out to him in jail, even posting his address to encourage texts and letters. On June 10, he made a statement to fans via Instagram and used the hashtag #FreeLucci.

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“Thank you for all your prayers and continued support. I am still incarcerated right now but am maintaining my innocence. To all my fans who have continued to show love and support, I’ll have some new music and content on the way!”

Fans are hopeful Rayshawn will keep them updated on his situation.

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