Why Is the Apple TV+ Series Receiving Backlash?

Ted Lasso is a major hit for Apple TV+ as the series has earned 20 Emmy Award nominations. The first season captured the heart of fans thanks to the quick-witted nature and kindness of AFC Richmond coach Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis). But as much success the show has had, it’s now starting to see a slight turn as some critics and Twitter users are not happy with the second season.

But why is the backlash coming against Season 2 of Ted Lasso when one can argue it’s better than the first? One of the things that Meghan O’Keefe of Decider said is not having all the episodes come out at once may have hurt the approval of the series. When it comes to Apple TV+ original series, one episode per week is common. However, the first two episodes of Ted Lasso Season 2 were supposed to be released in the same week, but that was changed for reasons unknown.

When it comes to people on Twitter there have been some to say there’s not enough conflict like there was in the first season. Additionally, there are some social media users and critics who are tired of Ted’s positive attitude. Former Hollywood Reporter editor Matt Belloni (via Metro) said that Season 2 was “silly and meandering.”

But even with the backlash for Season 2, the majority of critics love it as it has a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca Welton in Ted lasso, said Season 2 is like The Empire Strikes Back. And when PopCulture.com spoke to Nick Mohammed who plays Nathan Shelley, he said the second season is a step up from the first.

“I do genuinely believe that they’ve managed to step up from Season 1, which is no mean feat,” he said. “And audiences have really taken Season 1 to their heart so I hope that they follow these journeys in Season 2. … I think that this takes characters and much-beloved characters on journeys and to places that I think the audience might not expect, and making them deeper as a result. I think the show is all the more better for it. It’s very exciting and slightly nervous and all those kinds of feelings you get before a show launches, especially one that with Season 1 having done so well.”

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