Why It Will and Won’t Work

Sonny Corinthos is back in town with his memories of his Port Charles life intact, but General Hospital fans hoping for a neat and tidy Sonny and Carly Corinthos reunion won’t be getting their wish quite so fast. It looks like the soap is plotting a Carly/Sonny/Nina triangle. Here’s why it will and won’t work.

General Hospital: No Way

Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) not a man who takes kindly to being lied to, and Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) withholding information about his true identity, for months, was the ultimate betrayal. Not only did it keep him away from Carly (Laura Wright), but also his children; all of whom mourned his “death.” Nina’s decision also put their lives in danger, because of Sonny’s mob ties. At his core, Sonny would find that unforgivable, negating any warm and fuzzy residual feelings for Nina. Case closed.

There’s also the impact that Nina’s deplorable actions had on everyone Sonny knows and loves. Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is appalled. Carly is outraged and so are Sonny’s children, starting with number one son, Michael Corinthos Quartermaine (Chad Duell), who graciously allowed Nina visitation with his son/her grandson, Wiley. Meanwhile, Nina let Michael grieve his father, knowing full well he was alive.

They all despise Nina with good reason, and Sonny knows it. He’d never betray them by allowing Nina back into his life in any capacity. The real Sonny General Hospital fans have come to love would want revenge against her. He’d be focused on finding a way to make her pay for stealing his life.

GH: Possible and Plausible

But is this really the same Sonny who disappeared from Port Charles? Some might argue he’s not. He lived a kinder gentler life as Mike. He was a simple man with simple tastes, who developed genuine feelings for Nina during their time together in Nixon Falls. That man is part of who Sonny is now, so it might be impossible for him to forget his heartfelt affection for Nina.

If Nina continues to insinuate herself in Sonny’s life and remind him of the love they shared, it’s bound to have an impact on him. It’s also certain to cause a rift between Sonny and Carly, who won’t understand her husband’s draw to the deceptive Nina. The potential for a struggle is there, none of which Sonny and Carly have ever endured before. It will be a real test to their marriage and the strength of their love. Hopefully, they’ll navigate through it and come out stronger than ever in the end.

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