Why Jessica Simpson’s Eldest Kid Won’t Get Her Mom’s Coveted Jimmy Choos

Jessia Simpson has always made a significant impact in the world of fashion, and the singer even designs and operates her own clothing line. Although she’s continually searching for the next “in” look, Simpson claims she’s kept all of her favorites articles from the past, dating back to the 2000s. Simpson isn’t hesitant about letting her daughters raid her closet for fashion inspiration. However, Simpson’s oldest daughter is restricted from wearing any of her mom’s shoes. Find out why! 

Why The Jimmy Choos Are Off The Table For Jessica Simpson’s Daughter

As Jessica Simpson revealed her latest clothing line for her fans and followers, her oldest daughter, Maxwell, also makes an appearance in the promotional video. Based on the video, it’s pretty apparent Maxwell will be just as much of a fashionista as her mother.

“Maxwell’s sense of fashion inspires me daily,” Jessica admitted during her interview with People. “She has a concrete perspective on what she likes, and her mind cannot be changed when she has her heart set on a certain look.” 

Apparently, the singer lets her daughter peruse through her closet to gain fashion inspiration, as she’s kept all her favorite pieces dating back to the 2000s. “There are some amazing vintage pieces of jewelry that will be theirs when the time is right,” Jessica said about passing down her clothes to her children.

However, Jessica’s shoe collection is off the table for Maxwell. “Maxwell has already grown out of my shoe size, so sadly, she never got to wear the Jimmy Choos,” Jessica said. “I didn’t expect that, or I would have turned my storage into her closet!” the entrepreneur admitted. 

Jessica Simpson’s Love For Fashion

Talk about Jessica Simpson’s love for all things fashion comes as she recently revealed the latest fall collection of her own clothing line. Simpson told People all the pieces in the newest collection “are vintage-inspired and will ensure an amazing entrance!” 

To promote her clothing line, Simpson shot a video campaign at her home, a place where she feels “most comfortable and most inspired.” The clip featured the entire family, as the fashion designer wanted to portray the comfort that home brings in her new collection. 

“I wanted this season’s photography to evoke that comfort and confidence of home with that readiness we all feel for fashion and getting back out into the world again,” Simpson described. On her website, you can check out all of Simpson’s latest pieces from her fall collection, which includes eye-catching fringe boots and classic denim.


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