Why Meghan And Harry’s Joint Statement On Afghanistan Is Turning Heads


As with all the Sussexes’ other public statements, the press and social media immediately pounced on this one. Royal biographer Angela Levin scoffed that their sentiments were just a “grandiose, comfy and caring” attempt at becoming “some sort of alternate woke royal family,” via the Daily Mail. She went on to point out that the couple didn’t mention what they were personally doing to help the causes.

Many Twitter users were even harsher. There were calls for the Sussexes to “shut up” and “go away.” One writer said, “Who are they to have compassion? They ridicule and lie in their own family. They just want to be in the spotlight.” When SheKnows tweeted¬†that no other members of the royal family had spoken out about the crisis, a follower snapped back, “What a stupid comment. The Royal Family are apolitical & would not comment on the politically sensitive withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

But Meghan¬†and Harry do have their fans, and some showed their support via comments on the Twitter feed of Omid Scobee, a royals biographer who has been a noted supporter of the couple. They applauded the Sussexes for their compassion and for mentioning specific charities, saying it was helpful to know the best way to help. A follower summed it up this way: “More proof that Meghan & Harry are impactful, proactive, and thoughtful leaders who lead from the front in trying to make the world a better and more equitable place for everyone. They’re doing so much good through their Archewell Foundation.”

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