Why Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka’s Marriage Proposal Was Unique

When Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka felt that they were ready to settle down, they each planned the perfect proposal. Burtka proposed first, five years after they met for the first time and on the exact same spot. “We were on our way to an event at an Indian casino 45 minutes out of town in a limousine, and David wanted to stop for some reason that I didn’t quite get. I thought he wanted to get some booze or something,” Harris wrote in the Out essay. “And then he got on one knee and proposed, and I was so freaked out by it that I said, ‘Yes,’ but I didn’t know what it meant. Then I got the ring and loved it.”

Unbeknownst to Burtka, the “How I Met Your Mother” star would also go down on one knee. “A year later, on Valentine’s Day, I proposed to him in Santa Monica. That was four years ago,” Harris recalled. “The callus on my right hand is long-formed… I’m dying to move over to the other hand. I’d also like to call him my husband.”

Harris and Burtka kept their engagement on the down-low, but they finally revealed it to the public after New York passed the Marriage Equality Act in 2011. “David and I did propose to each other, but over five years ago!” Harris tweeted. “We’ve been wearing engagement rings for ages, waiting for an available date.”


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