Why Ozzy Osbourne once spent a night in Amersham jail

His antics on and off the stage live in infamy – whether it’s eating a bat mid-concert or his struggles with alcohol and drug addictions.

But there’s one particular night rockstar Ozzy Osbourne regrets in particular – and it involves a jail in Buckinghamshire.

The Black Sabbath frontman, now aged 72, recalled the incident that landed him behind bars in Amersham.

Ozzy, real name John Michael Osbourne, lived in Bucks for years, including at a £4m Little Chalfont country house and the Grade II listed Beel House, which he and wife Sharon sold for around £1.75m.

It was at Beel House that the so-called ‘Prince of Darkness’ was arrested after attacking Sharon in a drug-fuelled rage.

Speaking in the 2020 documentary ‘The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne’, the Birmingham rock legend said: “It’s not exactly one of my greatest achievements.

“I felt the calmest I’d ever felt in my life. It was like serenity.

“All I remember is waking up in Amersham jail and I asked the cop: ‘why am I here?’ “And he said ‘do you want me to read your charge?’ So he read: ‘John Michael Osbourne you’ve been arrested for the attempted murder of Sharon Osbourne’.

And I’m like: ‘Is this a joke?’ he said ‘I’m not joking, you’re going to court in a minute.’

“That hit me almost like a hammer between my eyes. I was very surprised she dropped the charges.

“I could have killed Sharon and that’s a desperate feeling. She’s my soulmate and I love her.”

Sharon recalled the incident in the documentary, saying: “I was just sat down reading and he came into the room and I had no idea who was sat across from me on the sofa but it wasn’t my husband.

“I felt the panic button and I just pressed it. The next thing I know the cops were there. It was probably the most frightened that I’ve ever been.

“Thank god the judge put him in treatment for six months.”

Ozzy then embarked on a court-mandated six-month rehabilitation program and has been sober for around seven years.

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