Why people should never eat before brushing their teeth

A dentist recently resorted to TikTok to advise viewers on how to protect and clean their teeth. But, unfortunately, her simple tip showed that many internet users were brushing their teeth at the incorrect time.

A dentist explains to netizens why it is important they brush their teeth before eating breakfast | Photo: Tiktok/annapetersondental

The dispute about whether to brush one’s dazzling teeth has raged for years, but one dentist decided to put an end to it this month.

Commenters react to dentist who claims people should not brush teeth after eating breakfast | Photo: TikTok/annapetersondental

Brushing Before Eating

Brushing teeth before eating breakfast, according to TikToker, can help maintain good dental health. However, while some claim that brushing after eating is preferable, this dentist disagrees.

Netizens respond to a dentist who claims people should brush their teeth before eating breakfast | Photo: TikTok/annapetersondental

Reasons for Brushing First

She went on to justify her statements, and the video received a big response. It also touched thousands of individuals and had over a million views.

Commenters react to dentist who claims people should not brush teeth after eating breakfast | Photo: TikTok/annapetersondental

Not Everyone Agrees

This basic guideline, according to the TikToker, saves the teeth from whatever is afterward consumed. Regardless of her suggestions, not all viewers were persuaded or convinced. I’m not too fond of minty cereal, one netizen commented. Some dentists think it’s okay if you wait 30 minutes after eating or drinking.

A woman stands by her basin and is busy brushing her teeth while she looks in the mirror | Photo: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Online Response

Some viewers praised her for offering this piece of advice. “Thank you,” one netizen said. I always clean my teeth as soon as I wake up.

A netizen who shared this sentiment stated, “I was never taught anything about personal care in school.” Some people who wore braces mentioned that they needed to wash their teeth after breakfast.

Dental Rules

A person explained that they couldn’t brush their teeth after eating because they had Invisalign braces. Despite the controversy about when to brush in the morning, general dental health standards still apply. Cleaning your teeth daily and seeing a dentist regularly are all important to keep the interior of your mouth happy.

Common Mistakes

Using an outdated toothbrush, brushing for too little time, and forgetting about the gums are all common blunders while brushing teeth.

Another factor to consider is how teeth are cleaned. Dentists advise making little circular & up-and-down strokes. Oral hygiene can be improved by keeping track of this.

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