Why The Royal Family Is Banned From Eating This One Type Of Food

Being a member of the royal family comes with numerous rules, restrictions, and royal duties for all parties involved. However, it was recently revealed that Queen Elizabeth also puts restrictions on the types of foods the royal family is allowed to eat. Find out why the royals are subject to such strict dietary rules. 

What Food Is Banned From The Royal Family?

Apparently, there’s one food no member of the royal family should be touching right now, and that’s shellfish. The Queen has advised all royal family members to stay away from all types of shellfish, including lobster, mussels, and even shrimp. At first, it may seem like placing such a broad dietary restriction on family members is harsh and even a bit random. However, the royal family is avoiding shellfish for a very good reason. 

As the royals maintain a busy worldwide travel schedule, they are advised to stay away from shellfish for health concerns. The chances of getting food poisoning is much higher when eating shellfish, which could wreak havoc on the royal family’s schedule and travel obligations. In addition to shellfish, the royals are also told they should avoid rare meats and tap water as they travel worldwide. Again, the dietary restrictions are put in place to prevent any potential hazards. 

The One Food Queen Elizabeth Can’t Stand 

Shellfish, rare meats, and tap water aren’t the only things the royal family has learned to avoid. Apparently, the royals must also avoid garlic when they are in the Queen’s presence. Now, the ban on garlic isn’t a safety restriction like the other foods. It’s simply in place because Queen Elizabeth allegedly hates the taste. A former palace chef, John Higgins, confirmed the garlic rumors by saying, “At Buckingham Palace, you don’t cook with garlic.” 

However, if you do have the opportunity to dine with the Queen, you can expect an extremely healthy meal. Darren McGrady, another former palace chef, said Queen Elizabeth avoids any kind of starch at dinner. “No potatoes, rice, or pasta for dinner. Just usually something like grilled sole with vegetables and salad,” McGrady claimed. 

Coverage On The Royal Family 

While this story is a rather lighthearted insight into the royal family, media coverage hasn’t always been too forgiving. A year ago, one outlet alleged Queen Elizabeth was kicking Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, out of the royal family because of her upcoming book. While the story was completely fabricated, it’s apparent some news outlets have no problem portraying the royals in a bad light. 


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