Why we’re prepared for a Roarke Morris showdown?

We know that the Yellowstone season 4 premiere is coming on the Paramount Network on November 7 — that’s just under a month away! We know that there’s a lot of good stuff to be excited about but, for the sake of this article, we want to dive into Josh Holloway as Roarke.

Through most of the third season, we know that the Lost alum served as the de-facto Big Bad, a dangerous adversary for John Dutton who had zero problem stirring up trouble.

Do we think that Roarke could be causing some chaos early on in season 4? Totally, but don’t be shocked if he gets caught in the crossfire.

We know that one of the central themes for the new season is revenge: The Duttons are out to get it in whatever way they possibly can. We imagine that they could think that Roarke is responsible for the attacks on them and the surviving members of the family could hunt him down … even if he’s innocent. There’s a reasonably good chance something bad happens to Roarke early on.

Even if the character does make it through, there’s also still a chance that someone could either recall or replace him. Just remember for a moment that Jacki Weaver will be coming on board this season as Caroline Warner, the head of Market Equities and with that in mind, his boss. Maybe he gets recalled; or, he may just realize that he needs more help than he ever realized! With that, don’t be shocked if this character turns up early on and that leads to some big changes for Roarke.


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