Why Were Young Girls Residing With ‘Marrying Millions’ Bill Hutchinson?

Last month, TV Shows Ace reports Bill Hutchinson has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenage girl. The seventeen-year-old had been living with the Marrying Millions star at the time of the alleged assault. Hutchinson was eventually released on a 30K bond. However, more details are emerging regarding Bill and his activities. It appears he is in even hotter water than anyone could have imagined.

From Marrying Millions To The Ultimate Downfall

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Bill Hutchinson seemed to have it all on the Lifetime reality series. With a net worth of approximately one hundred million dollars, he was ready to settle down. He had finally found his soul mate after two failed marriages. Viewers were skeptical of the romance seeing as his fiancee, Brianna Ramirez was forty years Bill’s junior.

The two met when she was a twenty-one-year-old waitress. He loved to shower her with lavish gifts. Despite the naysayers and social media comments, it just seemed to work for them. “I would say that we are both people-pleasers, we like to please each other, and if two people are always trying to please each other, then you feel like you’re really being taken care of. She treats me like a king, and I treat her like a queen,” Bill told Parade.

Sadly, Brianna’s dreams may have been shattered with recent accusations. It started with one girl sharing Bill allowing underage kids to party in his home. He also provided them with alcohol and permitted marijuana use. One of the girls was living with Bill’s family at the time. She had fallen asleep on the couch after drinking and awoke to Bill assaulting her. As it progresses, it only gets worse.

The Story Goes On…

A new civil suit has been filed in Texas by two juvenile girls against Bill; including one felony count of sexual assault. That is just Texas. In California, there’s one felony count of rape and five misdemeanor counts of sexual battery. The two girls were both living and traveling with Hutchinson when the assault occurred, according to Starcasm. So, who are these girls?

One is the daughter of an ex-wife. The other started living with Bill at around fifteen and he made himself her legal guardian. There is seemingly another girl who was friends with the two main girls thus making her a staple at the Hutchinson residence. One of the girls was supposed to move yet Bill offered her a place to stay so she could stay in the same school.

Incidents started to happen where the girls would awake to Bill touching them inappropriately. To them, he was a father figure. They could not believe he took it so far. Though the age of consent in Texas is seventeen, these girls did not consent. They even would bring up his Marrying Millions fiancee but to no avail. Bill seemed dead set on getting these girls to acquiesce to him with lavish trips and getaways. In the end, Bill believes this is solely about money.

More details as this story continues to develop.



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