Why You Should Study International Business


You plan to major in business in college, maybe because you dream of being a CEO at a Fortune 500 company one day, or perhaps you want to be an entrepreneur. Whatever you imagine for your future, you may want to consider a focus on international business. which will prepare you to succeed in a global economy. This might mean majoring in international business, or you might combine business classes with a major that has an international focus, such as global studies.

A Changing Landscape

The world keeps getting smaller, and companies are affected by geopolitical and other events around the world, such as natural disasters. Studying international business will leave you better equipped to deal with those changes. In fact, arguably, this understanding will be more necessary in the years ahead in a volatile world.


With a major in international business, you will be prepared to succeed in a variety of different environments and cultures. Your sense of how global events affect many aspects of people’s lives will give you an edge over your colleagues. For example, the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union could mean new opportunities for American companies. Your focus could help you better understand and take advantage of these opportunities. The experience you gain could eventually mean a move into freelance consultancy or even politics.

Paying for It

Like many people, you may be concerned about how you will pay for your degree, particularly if you don’t have any savings. Many students use a combination of scholarships, grants and loans. Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid can tell you how much federal aid you will get. You may want to take out private student loans as well to supplement this or if you do not qualify for federal aid. If you decide to study abroad as part of your preparation for international business, you can use private student loans to pay for that as well. You might also want to look ahead and consider how to pay for graduate school as well since you may need an advanced degree to progress in the world of international business. One strategy might be to look for an employer who will pay for part or all of your graduate education.

See the World

A career in international business can take you all over the world. You might spend a good deal of your time traveling, or you might be based in foreign cities throughout your career. While English is largely the common language in which negotiations are conducted, you could potentially make yourself even more versatile by learning a second language. For example, many U.S. companies work with Latin American companies. Fluency in Spanish could make you a particularly valuable asset. Sometimes your travels may be fast-paced, but the pace can be an exhilarating one. If waking up in Tokyo, attending a lunch meeting in Hong Kong and a working dinner in Bangkok sounds more exciting than exhausting, this could be the career for you.


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