Widow Shares The Tearful Last Words That She Had Exchanged With Her Dying Husband.

Widow Bethany Ashabraner shared the heartbreaking conversation she had with her husband before he passed away and how it kept her going despite the pain.

When two people commit to a lifetime of love in marriage, they hope to grow old together. But the sad reality is that one will have to say goodbye to the other at one point.

Losing a partner will never be easy, especially when plans have not been fulfilled, goals have not been reached, and children have not yet been raised.

Bethany Ashabraner and her husband talking in a hospital room.

Such was the experience of Bethany Ashabraner, whose husband passed away. Although personal, Ashabraner shared her last conversation with her spouse before he died.

Next to his hospital bed, she cried and admitted that a life without him was one she did not want to live. However, her husband felt like his time with her was ending soon, and although he had fears, he was most afraid of leaving his wife.

At that time, Ashabraner saw the sadness in her husband’s eyes and felt his cold touch that was usually warm. She described it as “being pulled by a current of death we could not fight.”

Ashabraner then asked her husband what Jesus told him. His reply was what kept her going on even after his death. She shared her husband’s words:

“‘He’s telling me He has something wonderful ahead for you + for the kids,’ he said. ‘Something beyond. Something incredible. Something extraordinary. So don’t be afraid.”

Her husband parted with encouraging words, telling Ashabraner that she could navigate through life well without him.

“You’re going to build a [expletive] business, and you’re going to do what you have to do,” he said. “You’re going to write a book, you’re going to speak to thousands, and you’re going to raise our children well.”

Brian revealed that his plane had been hijacked, and things did not look like it was going to end well.

Ashabraner’s husband was taken home the next day for hospice care until his last breath. “Sometimes, I still can’t believe this is my life,” she admitted. Still, Ashabraner continues to take things one step at a time as she holds on to her husband’s words.

The widow’s post drew attention online and had many Instagram users in tears. Kind strangers graced the comments section with sweet words that reassured Ashabraner that her husband was in a better place.

Ashabraner is not the only widow who was able to hear her husband’s powerful words before he passed away. Years ago, Julie Sweeney Roth’s husband Brian passed away in the 9/11 attack.

Before his plane crashed into the South Tower, he called his wife and left her a heartbreaking parting gift — words that comforted her even after his death.

In a calm tone, Brian revealed that his plane had been hijacked, and things did not look like they were going to end well. However, he wished that his wife would continue to live a happy life and take care of herself.

Brian also reassured his wife that he loved her above all else. Sadly, his plane crashed about three minutes after he left the message.


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