Wife mortified after husband tapes over wedding day – with episode of his favourite show

A wife was left mortified when she realised her husband had taped over their wedding day – with an old episode of his favourite police drama.

In a video that has gone viral on TikTok, the man nervously laughs after he realises that he had taped over his wedding day with an old episode of hit American police drama Cops.

The clip, which has now been watched more than 14.5 million times, is accompanied by the caption: “It’s my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary and my mom wanted to watch the tape but my dad taped COPS over it.”

The only part of the wedding video that remains is a short clip showing the soon-to-be married couple walking down the aisle before the footage cuts out and the opening credits to Cops shows, accompanied by its iconic theme song Bad Boys by Inner Circle.

It was no laughing matter for this man who realised just what he had done to his wedding video

In a funnier turn of events, one of the comments about the video details an even more horrific over-recording event.

She wrote: “My dad did the same but I think its worst (sic). Its her having birth, the actual video is there, but the sounds (sic) is a action movie!”

And another user, Fright Nights, wrote: “My mom taped over my 5th birthday party with the OJ Simpson trial.”

And TikToker Casey said: “My dad taped over my birth video with When Animals Attack”.

The man's wife might very well need to call the cops after her husband's mistake
The man’s wife might very well need to call the cops after her husband’s mistake

The life lesson here is that if you have any tapes lying around, make sure you get them backed up before someone records over them.

It comes after a mum was left furious after a present she had made for her 15-year-old stepson was branded “inappropriate”.

The parent proudly showed off her fun idea, which was made up using a range of gift cards and cash, in an Australian Facebook group but was soon criticised online.

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