Wife Of Billionaire Learned Of Divorce, Husband’s New Romance From Gossip Site

The divorce case between billionaire John Paulson and his wife of over 20 years continues to heat up as a source close to Jenny Paulson revealed she’d learned the news of her marriage ending via a gossip site. The latest update in the proceedings also indicate that John’s new romance with an Instagram diet guru might have been going on while his wife still believed they were working on their marriage. 

Billionaire Hedge Fund Investor’s Divorce Heats Up

There were a series of shocking revelations made by a source reportedly close to Jenny Paulson about her husband John’s sudden decision to file for divorce while simultaneously carrying on a romance with a woman half his age. The source spoke with the outlet that first broke the news of both the romance and the divorce, Page Six, about Jenny’s reaction to the news. 

“John did not tell her” about the divorce, the source divulged. “She had no idea he was planning to file for divorce. She only found out that he had filed when Page Six published their story — she never saw it coming.” Not only was Jenny apparently unaware that John was ready to pull the plug on their marriage, she didn’t know that he’d moved on with a new relationship with 33-year-old Alina de Almeida. 

Wife Had No Idea About Instagram Diet Guru Romance

“Jenny did not know about Alina at all until the article was published in Page Six of the New York Post with her photo,” the source continued before adding that the news was “so humiliating” to Jenny because of John’s “unseemly speed of taking a girlfriend and filing for a divorce so quickly after a good summer, with no advance notice or even courtesy.” They went on to say that it’s “unseemly and disrespectful that he couldn’t wait” before going public with his new love interest. 

What made this news even harder for Jenny to swallow was the fact that she thought “they were working on their marriage.” Just four weeks before John filed for divorce, he had gone on vacation with Jenny and their two children in Austria, “and there was no sign of anything abnormal,” the source insisted. 

The insider added, “Any further apparent narrative that she was okay with his cheating, that she was willing to look the other way, is false. She was shocked at the relationship that was first revealed to her in The Post. Even more shocking is that he is old enough to be this girl’s father.” The insider snarked, “Would I say Paulson fell for her due to her nutrition tips — hardly.” 

A Love Nest In The Former Spouses’ Apartment

What makes matters even worse is the fact that John has moved de Almeida into the Fifth Avenue apartment that he shared with his estranged wife. “Jenny is a co-owner. Has he asked permission to have anyone stay? No! You may not want a third party in your own apartment.”

“Jenny has always been faithful. She’s from a Romanian family that taught her moral values, meaning fidelity, not infidelity,” continued the source. “It means truth, not hiding. She had no idea that he had secretly taken up with a woman who could be his daughter, making the pain even worse.” 

This peek into the behind-the-scenes drama of the divorce comes as John Paulson has withdrawn his divorce action in order for the couple to work on negotiations without court interference and out of the media’s watchful eye. A spokesperson for the former couple released a statement insisting the pair were “working toward an amicable negotiated resolution.” With billions of dollars on the line and no prenup, that may be difficult to achieve.


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