‘Wife says she’s pregnant with our 3rd child – but I had vasectomy 2 years ago’

A man took to Reddit for advice after finding out his wife had fallen pregnant.

As he had a vasectomy a couple of years ago, he questioned whether or not the baby was actually his.

So he turned to the relationships forum to hear more opinions.

The worried husband wrote: “My wife just found out she’s pregnant with our third child.

“I had a vasectomy two years ago. How likely is this child to be mine or could she have had an additional affair?

“After how long we have been together and how well we communicate I honestly don’t believe she would have cheated.”

A couple found themselves in an awkward position due to a surprise pregnancy
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He added: “However with having a vasectomy I’m not entirely sure of how accurate the possibilities are still.

“I have been reading mixed reviews online about this and quite frankly I just feel torn at this moment on what to take in next. Please help.”

His post garnered more than 1,100 up votes and hundreds of people left words of advice.

The majority of people urged the husband to get his sperm count checked out before throwing accusations at his wife.

Doctors also left their thoughts on the thread – with many saying they’ve seen patients whose vasectomies failed.

One Redditor wrote: “I’m a physician and had a patient whose wife conceived after a vasectomy.

“He initially had sperm count of zero, but his vas deferens reconnected and upon testing, he would found to have viable sperm. This is extremely rare, but possible.

“You need to go to a physician to see if you have viable sperm in your ejaculate before jumping to conclusions.”

Another agreed: “Physician here too and I agree with everything here.

“Stay calm and schedule an appointment. Now is fact collection time.”

Pregnancy test
It is still possible to fall pregnant after your partner has a vasectomy
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Despite these reassuring words, others urged the bloke to get his children DNA tested.

One wrote: “You said additional affair. If she’s done it once I wouldn’t rule it out again.

“I’d defo get both your sperm and all of your children DNA tested.”

And a second said: “DNA – you need to be sure and have every right to be suspicious.”

After taking the advice into consideration, the husband admitted he doesn’t think his wife cheated.

He added: “I’ve seen quite a few sites saying that you do still have a small possibility and I want to give her the benefit of the doubt.

“Especially after how long we have been together. That and quite frankly I don’t believe she would.”

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