Wild boar sneaks into swanky private member’s club to ‘go for swim’ and cool off

A rebellious wild boar that broke into luxurious Hong Kong resort to relax in a waterfall in the early hours of the morning has become an unlikely hero for Twitter users after his exploits were shared online.

On their social media, the Aberdeen Marina Club described the animal as a “friendly visitor” who enjoyed spending time around a tropical pool and said that local police had assisted in safely moving them on.

Responding to the news, one user made fun of the animal’s lack of regard for the Chinese territory’s hi-tech Covid management system, which asks that citizens track their whereabouts with a smartphone app, saying: “Can’t have been a member, otherwise he would have known to use the LeaveHomeSafe app on entry.”

The happy hog was seen lounging by a waterfall and taking a dip before being escorted out

Another expressed their surprise at the mammal’s ability to find its way through strict security infrastructure that surrounds the complex.

Robert Fenner, a journalist for the business news site Bloomberg, meanwhile praised its choice of lounging location, commenting: “On top of that waterfall seems like a sweet spot to hang out.”

A full statement by the resort managers on the visit mixed humour with reassurance for its wealthy human members over any possible harmful bacteria brought by the animal.

The private member's club released a full statement in which they reassured wealthy members over the safety of the pool
The private member’s club released a full statement in which they reassured wealthy members over the safety of the pool

“We would like to inform you that this morning at 6am we had a friendly guest,” it read.

“Unfortunately he did not use the LeaveHomeSafe app and made his way into the Club.

“The pool remained closed this morning as we increased chemical and pump levels to flush out the pool. We have also reported this incident to the Agriculture and Fisheries Departments to seek advice from them.”

Most of the wild snouted animals would struggle to afford the $3 million membership fee of the private member's club
Most of the snouted wild animals would likely struggle to afford the $3 million membership fee of the Aberdeen Marina Club

“Please rest assured that we have taken all necessary precautions to make sure that the swimming remains clean and safe for Members (sic) to enjoy.”

Aberdeen Marina Club is a luxury club owned by the Shangri-La Hotel Group. Memberships are invite-only and cost around $3 million a year, while applicants are also required to complete an entrance essay.

One of the prime spots for the wealthy and powerful of the region, the complex involves seven restaurants, fitness and leisure facilities, and an extensive ‘five-star’ boatyard.

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