Will George Clooney & Ben Affleck Ever Share The Same Screen? Here’s What They Think

George Clooney and Ben Affleck are exceptional actors in Hollywood, but they have yet to star in a film together. They recently worked on the same movie project, but with Clooney serving as director and Affleck as the lead star.

The director-actor relationship happened for the film “The Tender Bar,” which premiered at DGA Theater in Los Angeles. Affleck is one of the lead stars of the movie directed by Clooney.

In a recent interview with ET, Affleck and Clooney expressed their thoughts on the possibility of them appearing together in a movie. Without hesitation, Affleck told ET:

As for Clooney, he jokingly said he does not know yet if he will ever co-star with Affleck given the latter’s towering height, adding, “He makes me look like Mickey Rooney when I stand next to this guy.”

While the pair has yet to unite on one screen, the veteran actors share an excellent relationship making a movie. In the 2012 film “Argo,” Affleck recalled he had a great time working with Clooney.

“The Tender Bar,” which marks Clooney’s eighth directorial feature, will be streamed in January next year.

Affleck directed, acted, and produced “Argo” while Clooney served as his co-producer. The acclaimed film earned several accolades, including Best Picture in the 2013 Academy Awards.

Like “Argo,” Affleck also had fun while filming “The Tender Bar” with Clooney in Boston. A source reportedly shared that both celebrities were happy to be able to reunite on set.

Based on J.R. Moehringer’s 2005 memoir, the movie revolves around a young man who spends his time at his uncle’s bar. Affleck plays the uncle and Ty Sheridan portrays the young man.

Clooney graced “The Tender Bar” premiere with his wife, Amal, an international human rights lawyer. They have been married since 2014 and share four-year-old twins Alexander and Ella.

Meanwhile, Affleck seemed to be alone at the star-studded premiere. But before that, he attended an event in West Hollywood with his girlfriend, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez.

“The Tender Bar,” which marks Clooney’s eighth directorial feature, will be streamed in January next year on Amazon Prime Video. After this, Clooney will reportedly star in a new thriller with Brad Pitt.

The film – of which details remain unknown – will be the first time the pair reunite on the big screen in 13 years. In 2001 and 2004, Pitt and Clooney starred in Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve, respectively.


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