Will & Kyra Shared Cups Of Sugar Before Show

Love Island USA fans Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama ended up in second place on the show. This came as a shock to fans who hoped the couple would end up in third or fourth place. The CBS dating series ended on Sunday night, August 15. To the surprise of everyone, Will and Kyra made it to the end of the show.

While they weren’t crowned as the couple of the villa, they did end up with one another. Kyra and Will were coupled up for most of the series. Fans assumed that the two knew each other before competing on the show. Now, Will addressed those rumors. Kind of.

Love Island USA couple were neighbors?!

Ever since the two have been together on Love Island USA Season 3, fans assumed the two knew each other before joining the reality show. Will commented on one of Kyra’s Instagram photos a few months back. The two were attracted to each other and stayed with each other during their time in the villa. Even the drama in Casa Amor wasn’t enough to shake up the couple.

In the season finale, the islanders reminisced on their time together. Olivia Kaiser talked about Will and Kyra’s up-and-down relationship. She acknowledged the strong connection they developed. Olivia also revealed that the two live “15 minutes away from each other.” Will claimed they never met despite being in close proximity to each other.

[Credit: Love Island USA/Instagram]Of course, fans didn’t believe them. When they heard this revelation, they took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Most of them made sarcastic jokes that the two didn’t know each other. Olivia’s claim only stoked the fire of those rumors once more.

Did they date before the show?

Many Love Island USA fans believe Will and Kyra joined the show to win the $100,000 grand prize. The couple has been accused of “scamming” the show and its viewers. While most are upset over Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy’s win, they did find a positive side to it. Will and Kyra ended up second, which means they didn’t get their hands on the money.

The couple failed to win the show, and fans are happy about that result. Will and Kyra got backlash from everything over Will’s behavior and unfaithfulness and their toxic relationship. Some fans feel that Kyra doesn’t have a backbone. They think that she should’ve given the other boys in the villa a shot instead of sticking with Will to the end.

[Screenshot from Instagram]

[Screenshot from Instagram]Even former islanders Aimee Flores and Christian Longnecker have their suspicions about the couple. Both claimed that Kyra and Will knew each other before the show. What are your thoughts? Do you think Will and Kyra knew each other? Sound off below in the comments.


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