Will Shaun & Lea Get Married According To Plan In ‘The Good Doctor’?

Season 1 of The Good Doctor premiered on Sept. 25, 2017, on ABC. It immediately became a hit among fans eager to find out more about a young surgical resident’s attempts to rise through the ranks and dismantle misconceptions about people diagnosed with savant syndrome in the process.

So, do Shaun and Lea get married on ‘The Good Doctor’?

Shaun (Freddie Highmore) and Lea (Paige Spara) started out as neighbors. For a while, Shaun was dating Dr. Carly Lever (Jasika Nicole), a pathologist. Shaun and Lea exchanged their first kiss in a Season 3 episode of The Good Doctor.

Shaun and Lea got engaged in the Season 4 finale. As fans of the show will remember, they lost their unborn baby just a few episodes before.

Season 5 of The Good Doctor will capture the next chapter in Shaun and Lea’s relationship. As a trailer shows, the wedding planning is bound to cause some difficulties for Lea, who has already been married once.

Eager to get things perfect this time around, she will likely experience new anxieties about the big event. As David Shore, the showrunner of The Good Doctor, teased in an interview, the nuptials will be just one of the things about which Shaun will have to worry.

“We’re bringing in an internal nemesis this season, which is something Freddie [Highmore] talked to me about doing last year, and we’re having a lot of fun with that,” David told TVLine. “This [nemesis] tests everybody, including Shaun.”

Meanwhile, some fans are convinced that Season 5 will pose new challenges for the already stressed-out Lea.

“OMG, what if the wedding we keep seeing is actually Lea’s nightmare, and Shaun says ‘no’ in it, and that’s why it looks like that in the trailer? I connected the dots!” tweeted @AMoravcov.

“Finally a trailer! It makes sense that Lea wants to have a perfect wedding if the first one was a disaster, to the point of having nightmares of her wedding with Shaun ending badly. I like that the trailer has a fun tone, but Shaun being distressed worries me,” tweeted @swan8911.

Other The Good Doctor fans are a great deal more optimistic about the future of the couple.

“I know I’ve been talking about this the whole day on my other social media accounts, but I would like to say here that Shaun and Lea are actually going to get married soon! My heart will never be ready for this wedding!” tweeted @arts_rico.


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