Will the #2 Blacklister be revealed?

Blacklist season 5 teaserAs we approach The Blacklist season 9 it only makes sense that a lot of interesting subjects are raised — and for now, one of the ones we’re most intrigued about is the mystery of the list itself.

Take, for example, this: Who in the world is #2? There are a number of things that we’ve learned, but this is a major question that still lingers — not only that, but it’s hard to know if the list will even matter to Raymond Reddington now.

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As we saw back in the show’s pilot, the Blacklist was a collaborative construct. It was something created so that Reddington could get closer to Elizabeth Keen and work alongside her. With Liz dead, will James Spader’s character care about finishing things off? It’s possible that the show changes everything about itself entering episode 9, including some of its titles.

There are also some other questions worth wondering now in the wake of Neville Townsend being killed. Was he #2? It was easy to guess that, but he was also never officially attached a number. This leaves the door open to a lot of possibilities, including that a Townsend episode will kick off season 9 or that there is someone else being saved for this spot. Take, for example, the real Katarina Rostova if she is not Reddington, a new Big Bad, or even the real Reddington himself if he is somehow alive. The most compelling thing about this person to us is that at one point, they would have been #1 on the list before Reddington bumped up Liz to the top spot. We tend to think this adds to the mystique.

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Who do you think will be #2 on the Blacklist, provided that we meet them?

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