Will there be a season 2 of Squid Game?

NETFLIX’S Squid Game became intensely popular within days of premiering on the streaming service.

The internet is wondering if there will be a second season of Squid Game and when it will be released.


Season 2 would likely arrive 2023 or laterCredit: Reuters

Will there be a season 2 of Squid Game?

Although the response to Squid Game has been very positive, a second season has not been ordered yet.

The show’s creator Hwang Dong-hyuk told Variety he was pleased with the show’s success and is not looking to continue as the creation was a “long and stressful process.”

He revealed he’s not the best team player but he is looking to “change his ways.”

Based on the length of production for season 1 being two years, season 2 would likely arrive 2023 or later.

The Netflix hit-show premiered on September 17, 2021


The Netflix hit-show premiered on September 17, 2021Credit: netflix

How successful has Squid Game been?

The Netflix hit-show premiered on September 17, 2021 and reached number one in 90 countries in just 10 days.

The k-drama became Netflix’s most popular non-English show within days, surpassing current record holder Bridgerton.

The show was filmed in Daejeon, South Korea, about an hour away from Seoul.

What is the internet saying about Squid Game?

If you’ve recently open Netflix’s streaming service, chances are you’ve seen Squid Games listed as the top show in the US.

In response to the series, the internet is taking their thoughts and theories to social media.

One person tweeted: “Squid Game got me hooked.”

Another wrote: “episode 6 of squid game had me bawling my eyes out on a friday night wishing i could speak to the writer so i could ask him WHY.”

A third revealed it was “about time I watch squid games. everyone’s still talking about it.”

A TikTok user created a video explaining her theory that the blue and red paper squares at the beginning of the series indicated which side of the game people would be on, players or guards.

The main character, Seong Gi-Hun, chose the blue square, which decided his fate as a player in the game.

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