Will There Be a Season 2 of ‘The Chair’?

After playing a talented cardiothoracic surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy and a deadly assassin on Killing Eve, Sandra Oh is taking on the role of an academic in the Netflix comedy, The Chair.

The first season, which consists of six 30-minute episodes, centers around Sandra’s character, Ji-Yoon Kim, who becomes the first non-white, female chairperson of the English department at the prestigious (and fictional) Pembroke University.

During her first semester as the chair, Ji-Yoon must deal with a professor, Bill Dobson (Jay Duplass), who has been accused of offensive behavior, pressure from the dean to get several older professors to retire, and a daughter who is inclined toward disruptive behavior.

The first season does conclude with some finality to the characters’ storylines, but it leaves a few things open that could definitely fuel another season.

How does Season 1 of ‘The Chair’ end? (SPOILERS)

Though the first season of the higher education series is only six episodes long, a lot transpires in the English department during that time. After students record Bill making a Nazi salute gesture during a lecture, he is suspended. Students begin to protest his position as a professor at Pembroke, and a newspaper article comes out which makes it seem like Ji-Yoon is preventing others from speaking about the matter.

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Though a disciplinary hearing is held, Ji-Yoon takes a stand and says that Bill’s firing would not satiate the students’ desire for greater change at Pembroke. She says that she cannot be impartial to Bill either, and the hearing concludes.

Back at the English department, the faculty members vote on whether Ji-Yoon should remain the chair. She loses the vote by one, and Ji-Yoon leads the charge to select Dr. Joan Hambling (Holland Taylor) as the new chair.

In the final moments of the season, Ji-Yoon is seen teaching in the classroom, and Bill gets Lila (Mallory Low) an opportunity with his editor.

After Ji-Yoon’s class concludes, she meets with Bill outside on the campus. The two discuss Bill’s next steps, and he reveals that he turned down a large settlement so he could try to get his job back. While he recognizes that he only has a small chance at being successful, his love for being a professor is enough motivation for him to try.

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'The Chair'

Source: Netflix

The first season ends with Bill agreeing to babysit Ji-Yoon’s daughter, Ju Ju (Everly Carganilla) for $12 an hour.

If the show is picked up, Season 2 could cover Bill’s fight to get his job back, his babysitting journey with Ju Ju, and his continuing will-they-won’t-they relationship with Ji-Yoon.

With Joan going from a basement office and an almost-retirement to the role of the chair, another season could highlight her own potentially-difficult path in the position.

Until a decision is officially made, Season 1 of The Chair is available to stream on Netflix now.

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