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About Dollar General Store: The establishing of the Dollar General is tells you an inspiring tale that you can achieve everything despite difficulties in your life.

The Dollar General store was established by James Luther and his son Cal Turner on June 1, 1955, in Springfield Kentucky. The dad of the establishing pair, James Luther, never got formal training as his father passed away in his childhood which forced him to help in family finances. He had to leave school as the family suffered because of financial problems.

For a long time, James was a sales representative before he purchased a house with his family and settled in Kentucky. He saw an opportunity in old bankrupt general stored so he started buying and selling them. Cal Turner learned business aptitudes from his father and decided to follow him. Despite difficulties, soon their business became worth $2 million in deals by 1950. Their success encouraged them to open the main Dollar General store in 1955 which has now become a famous one.

Know More About DGCustomerFirst Survey

Dollar General Store has a customer loyalty program named DGCustomerFirst or DG Customer First Survey which allows you to win the sweepstakes reward of $1000. If you have visited Dollar General Stores, you have a free chance to enter the review codes on the site. You can share both of the positive and negative reviews of Dollar General Performance. As long as you meet the requirements, you can participate in the survey with no difficulties.

Requirements About the DGCustomer Survey Program?

There are a few rules that you have to agree to win $1000 cash from DG Customer Survey and Sweepstakes. Here is the list of DG Customer Survey and Sweepstakes Rules, those are:

  1. You should be a legitimate resident of the USA and district of Columbia.
  2. You should have a working mobile or PC with an internet connection.
  3. You must have the receipt from the previous shopping visit.
  4. Only one survey entry is allowed per person.
  5. You must provide your original information to increase your chances of winning $1000.  Dollar General will inform the winners by calling or email. Give your phone number and email and make sure that there is no error otherwise you can lose your opportunity to win $1000 cash.
  6. When you win DG Customer Survey and Sweepstakes, you will be informed by means of telephone or email. You are expected to respond to it within five days and complete the winner’s form.
  7. When you miss this declaration or are not reachable within the stipulated time, Dollar General Teams will shift your reward to other potential winners.
  8. You don’t have to pay the additional money to redeem your reward. Someone who is telling you to do that is not a genuine source.

How To Participate In DGCustomerFirst Survey Online?

There must be some DGCustomerFirst survey steps which you get to take, which are:

Step 1:Visit DG Survey Website

First of all, you get to know that you must go to the DG Customer First website which is reachable at DGCustomerFirst.com.

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Language

Now, you get the DG Customer First homepage. You must ensure whether the default language is understandable for all of you. Here, you get to choose whether you are going to use English or Spanish.

Step 3: Fill Your Visit Time

Grab your valid receipt and fill out your visit time at the login portal.

Step 4: Fill the Store Number

Fill the four-digit store number which is mentioned on the top part of your receipt.

Step 5: Fill the DG Survey Code

Fill out the 15 digit DG store number which is mentioned at the bottom part of your receipt. has the 15 numbers.

Step 6: Click on “Start” Button

Click on the start button to start the survey.

Step 7: Give Ratings

Choose the best response from the options you are given. Then give the ratings according to your experience during the last visit.

Step 8: Leave Your Feedback

Leave suggestions, complaints, and other comments to describe your visit.

Step 10: Complete Filling Your Data

Fill out your personal data including your full name, birthdate, as well as your contacts. Mention your working phone number, permanent residence address, and email address as well:

How To Participate In DG Customer Survey Online?

You don’t need to make a purchase through a mail-in entry. Just remember that the entry must be handwritten.

Write your full name, email, address (no PO Box allowed), phone and birthdate on a 3.5X5″ card. Once you have finished writing the required details, mail the card to:

Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes
PO Box 251328 West Bloomfield MI, 48325


Dollar General store is a famous company which cares about its customers’ opinions. If you have visited the store recently and are a United States resident then you are eligible to voice your honest opinion and win $1000 reward.

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