Woman, 18, urged to dump boyfriend because he hates sentimental baby name

When it comes to baby names, it’s not always easy making a decision.

Couples could take days, weeks or even months to agree on a name.

But when you don’t agree, what do you do then?

One woman revealed that her boyfriend hates the name she’s chosen for their baby, even though it means the world to her.

Posting on Reddit, the 18-year-old said she wanted to name her firstborn son Jack after her mum, Jacqueline/Jacqui.

She said her “amazing mum” was someone who almost died giving birth to her “resulting in her not being able to have more kids”.

And when she found out that her and her boyfriend, 19, were expecting a baby boy, she knew exactly what to call him.

The woman, 18, is expecting a baby with her 19-year-old boyfriend

She said: “When he found out I was pregnant he told me it was either him or the baby and I chose to keep my baby even if it meant losing him.

“He stayed with me anyway but hasn’t gone to any midwife appointments and missed one of the scans because he didn’t want to go out for lunch with me and my mum after, even though she says he and her mum have had no issues in the past.

“Last month we found out we are having a boy.”

But when she mentioned the name to her boyfriend, he said “anything but Jack”, despite knowing what it meant to her.

She added: “He has given no reason other than it’s a popular name and hasn’t given any other suggestions.

“He won’t even have a conversation about baby names.

“The baby will have his surname and the middle name will be named after his father which I think is fair.”

She went onto say that considering she’s carrying the baby for nine months, she should have some say in his name, but her boyfriend wasn’t budging.

Little baby
The man said he didn’t want to have anything to do with the baby

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The woman asked users if she was in the wrong for wanting to name the baby Jack and it’s no surprise that people were on her side.

One said: “Name your baby what you want and I wouldn’t even put his last name or his info on the birth certificate with the way he’s acting.”

Another added: “He wants nothing to do with anything so why should he help decide the name.”

Others even urged her to dump her boyfriend, with one saying: “It’s only going to get worse when the baby comes. You need to break up with him.”


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