Woman, 22, left speechless at vile bloke’s ‘disgusting’ message he sent her on dating app

ONE woman’s screenshot has been retweeted thousands of times after she shared a very rude message from a man she matched with on a dating app.

The man in question has now blocked the woman after the embarrassment of his message going viral on Twitter.


The woman was disgusted by the messageCredit: Alamy

The 22-year-old woman took to social media after discovering the comment on her picture.

On her selfie, which shows her in a black dress posing in front of the mirror he wrote “yeah f*** it you’ll do.”

Shared the picture on her Twitter account, she asked viewers to please “tell her it is a joke” adding that she was “speechless.”

The woman said that she had matched with the man a few days earlier, but didn’t check her messages, adding that receiving such messages occurs “so often.”

She added that she didn’t take the message to heart, as she feels that often people don’t take dating apps seriously.

Although it is water off a ducks back for her, she knows others would take such a comment personally.

Stating that messages such as this are sent to her “about twice a week” she likes to “have banter with the sender” as she knows she will never meet the person.

After her Tweet went viral, the “embarrassed” sender has unmatched her, but the young woman has received some online abuse.

She says that people have started making fake Twitter accounts to send her trolling messages, saying she “deserves” the “you’ll do” comment, which has led her to take a break from Twitter.

Adding that the messages have put her off dating apps, she says that she doesn’t think that she will “find the love of her life” by using them.

She also said that although she has met some “lovely people” on the app, she believes that the dating app companies should do more to educate users, to help avoid “horrible” experiences.

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She says dating apps should educate users


She says dating apps should educate usersCredit: Alamy
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