Woman 26, says crushes hit on mum who ‘looks younger’ than her despite 20-year age gap

A Tiktok star says her crushes often hit on her mum who “looks younger” than her.

Alyssa Kimber, 26, looks youthful and gorgeous herself, however the social media star says guys often prefer her mum, despite her being 20 years older.

On her page, Alyssa shared the ups and downs of having a mother who she feels her boyfriends want to leave her for and who all of her crushes are interested in.

She also has an 18-year-old sister, Lauren, who also looks glam.

In one photo from a family holiday in Scottsdale, Arizona, Alssa’s mum appears pretty much indistinguishable from her two daughters.

Alyssa shares the ups and downs of having a mum who she feels her boyfriends want to leave her for
(Image: TikTok/@alyssakimber)

To any onlooker, the trio could easily all be students on a break from university together.

Alyssa, who is a fashion and lifestyle influencer from Utah. regularly posts outfit photos on her page, sometimes posing with her mum.

On one of these, she captioned: “When your mother looks better at 46 than you do at 26!”

In another post she jokes she’s agree over the situation as she captioned another clip: “When all of my crushes hit on my mom instead of me….”


Alyssa Kimber says her mum looks younger than her on TikTok
Her mum is 20 years older than her – aged 46
(Image: TikTok/@alyssakimber)
Alyssa Kimber says her mum looks younger than her on TikTok
She also has an 18-year-old sister, with the trio likely to be mistaken for sisters
(Image: TikTok/@alyssakimber)


One viewer commented, “I’m still confused – who is mum and who is daughter?” – which seems to be exactly the problem Alyssa was trying to avoid.

While another exclaimed: “I thought the mom was going to be the daughter.”

A third asked: “Is your mom single though?!”

Another mum with age-defying looks who also shocked her fans by revealing her real age recently was Renae Olivia.

The fashionista, aged 50, had her two kids, Tristan, six, and Kaidyn, two, when she was in her mid-40s via IVF – but that’s not the only reason why people think she seems younger.

The influencer, who boasts more than 50,100 followers on her Instagram page, thinks her stylish outfits help her to turn back the clock.

She also says she’s taken steps to maintain her youthful appearance, such as using sun protection since she was 18.

Meanwhile, to maintain her trim figure, the mum works out four to five times a week for 30 to 45 minutes and eats healthily.


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