Woman admits she’s paid to ‘degrade’ men – and they pay her hundreds for it

A woman has revealed she was asked to be mean and “degrade” a man – and that he paid her for the pleasure.

TikTok user Nikki Fox said she received a message from a stranger who asked her to deliberately “degrade him” in exchange for money.

Speaking in her video, she explained: “This is how I made money by being mean.

“This guy hits me up on Instagram and says that he wants to pay one of my bills, all I have to do in return is to degrade him and call him stupid.

“Being mean does not come easy to me but I tried to play along – I called him a loser and put up a boundary that said absolutely no video which he was fine with.”

Nikki admitted to calling one guy a “loser” and told him to pay her bills

Nikki said she agreed to send a short voice note in which she called him “pathetic” and demanded that he “pay her bills immediately.”

She continued: “Apparently I was really good at it because he asked me if he could pay another one of my bills.”

Nikki shared a screenshot of the $100 (£74) that had entered her account, adding: “So check your dms, there’s a lot of f***ing weird people out there.”

The video has since received racked up 70,000 views on TikTok, and received thousands of comments.

Many women admitted they’d love to do the same, as one wrote: “How… how do I get this to happen to me?”

As another exclaimed: “I guess I just found my dream job.”

A third chimed in: “Soooo can I have his info?”

Nikki isn’t the only woman who has been paid to degrade men, with the practice quite common.

Mistress Marley opened up to Daily Star back in May to reveal she quit her 9-5 job as a fashion buyer to become dominatrix who humiliates men live on camera.

The dominatrix says men are willing to pay her to be humiliated as it gave them “thrills” over platforms such as Skype.

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