Woman calls the ‘Midlands’ the ‘Middle East’ for 19 years in embarrassing mix up

A woman left Brits cracking up after she revealed that she’d thought the Midlands were called the Middle East for 19 years.

The ditsy lass, called Melissa, sent a hilarious string of messages detailing her mistake to a friend.

Unfortunately for her, they took a screenshot and uploaded it to Reddit in the Casual UK forum, where it quickly went viral.

Captioning the snap, the poster said: “Abu Derby” and 5,400 people liked it.

In the messages, Melissa wrote: “Tbf (to be fair) I thought the Midlands were called the Middle East for 19 years.

“So I’d say my cousins were from the Middle East. They’re just from Derby…”

Over 120 people commented on the post taking the Mick out of poor Melissa.

She admitted her mistake to a pal

One person said: “East Mids… Mid East,” while another wrote: “Derby – Middle East. Same difference.”

Another added: “The locals like to call it Derbados.”

While a third joked: “I grew up in the Far East, near Lowestoft”

And, a Midlander added: “I’m just happy someone referenced us, as an East-Midlandser. We’re the forgotten part of the UK.”

Meanwhile, other Redditors shared the confusion they’d felt when discussing British geography in the past proving that Melissa was not alone.

One said: “I remember when my sister was a teenager and the earful I got when I referred to someone being from The Black Country, she had never heard of it and went off at me for being racist.”

Dubai is a little more dramatic than Derby
Dubai is a little more dramatic than Derby

While another added: “I went on holiday to a holiday camp in northern Lancashire, when I lived in south east Lancashire.

“I got called up on the stage for some child participation thing and the host said ‘where are you from?’ … ‘down south’ I replied.

“No wonder they didn’t seem to like me.”

And a third commented: “My dad’s from Southend, a mate of mine thought this basically meant he was from the South bit of England. He thought this for years.”

Another claimed to get Torquay mixed up with Turkey when booking a holiday – we bet that was a disappointing beach front!

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