Woman catches boyfriend cheating after checking on every tags on Instagram

A woman was praised for her “detective” skills when she shared her ingenious way to catch her boyfriend cheating on her.

Her friend Chloe Powell was so impressed that she joked MI5 or the FBI should employ her as an investigator for her dedication.

In a TikTok video she posted, Chloe looks into the camera while listening to her friend Steph talking to a pal on the phone.

Steph goes by saying: “I went on Instagram and I went on ‘location tag’.

“I searched the place where he was at, then I went on every girl’s profile that has tagged that place.

Chloe filmed her friend Steph on the phone when she explained how she caught her boyfriend cheating on a night out

“I went on their Stories, viewed everyone’s Stories and then I screen-recorded the videos and slowed the video down to see if I can see him in the background.”

Her friend then apparently asks her what happened at the end, and she proudly replies: “I caught him!”

The video has racked up nearly 900,000 views and many viewers said Steph did what was best for her.

One said: “That’s ace! Reacting to the way men treat us, and take us for fools we don’t let anything go! You can tall if something isn’t right, trust your gut!”

Another wrote: “MI5 ain’t got nothing on here, never underestimate a suspicious woman.”

“Not a psycho at not!” a third added. “He just obviously not treating her right to make her feel insecure.”

She checked every photos and videos on Instagram to see if he was cheating on her
She checked every photos and videos on Instagram to see if he was cheating on her

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Some men were shocked to see the extreme lengths that a woman could go to check on her boyfriend.

“Is this how girls are moving now these days?” a man commented. “Gonna delete all social media now…”

In the US, a scorned woman publicly shamed her boyfriend in a karaoke bar and accused him of sleeping with her best friend.

She called him out when she was singing before she turned to her pal, saying: “We’ve been friends for so long!”


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