Woman catches cheating boyfriend after emailing shop owner over ‘missing order’

A woman was suspicious that her boyfriend was cheating on her – so devised a plan to catch him out.

After going through her boyfriend’s email and finding a confirmation for a clothing order, she decided to email the shop owner over a “missing outfit”.

The story was picked up from Reddit by Molly, who then shared it onto her TikTok account @itsmollylux.

In the video, she laid out the conversations between the woman and the shop owner.

The woman explained: “A few months ago I accidentally saw an email notification from your store on my boyfriend’s email.

“He never gave me any clothes. He has been acting weird so I was wondering if you could check where the clothes got sent to? So sorry to bother you.”

The woman said she accidentally saw her boyfriend’s email notification of a clothing order

The shop owner was shocked when she heard about the woman’s frustration and she told her: ‘Oh no I’m so sorry!

“‘Sadly, I cannot give you the address due to privacy, but I can check if it was sent to the same name?’

“That’s so strange! It looks like it was sent to a girl named Valery.”

The woman then wrote back to her saying: “Oh my God that’s my best friend.”

At this point, most viewers were convinced that the woman did not accidentally see the email.

One said: “Nope she knew something fishy was going on. She didn’t just happen to see the email I swear.”

The shop owner revealed the name of the shopping order and the woman said it's her best friend's name
The shop owner revealed the name of the shopping order and the woman said it’s her best friend’s name

A second wrote: “I love that she said ‘accidentally’, and then went full-on CIA to get more details.”

Some said giving out names would also be considered a breach of confidentiality and business owners could still get sued over this.

“Maybe for future reference, just ask what the girl’s name was and check if it was in her name,” a viewer gave opinion.

“You probably shouldn’t have said that.”

“I know it’s not about your shop, but just gonna say that’s a breach of data protection,” another added.


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