Woman Changed The Life of A Homeless Man by Getting Him a New Home

With no place to call home, a destitute man nearly lost all hope, finding no solace in the freezing streets. At long last, a glimmer of light walked into his life and soul.

Forty-six-year-old David McDonald and 35-year-old mortgage broker Kim Cormier’s paths crossed one day. The two immediately bonded. Neither of them could have known what was to come of the unlikely friendship.

He’s been subjected to prejudices that individuals have against those who can’t afford housing.

Both McDonald and Cormier reside in Kingston. According to field tech Bob Roach, who works for an organization that builds homes for those on the streets, there are around 400 homeless individuals in this Canadian city alone.

McDonald used to be one of these 400, but before he became homeless, he was a gas station owner, making a solid income. Sadly, due to the rise of gas prices, his business crumbled, and he lost almost everything. Remembering this tragic period, he expressed:

“I literally lost my whole life after the gas station — the life that I knew then.”

Since then, he’s been subjected to prejudices that individuals have against those who can’t afford housing. The homeless are ignored, McDonald said, and people assume they are lazy.

However, Cormier didn’t have these biases and so didn’t hesitate to help. The mortgage broker met her future companion this past July after he asked her to looked after his belongings. The former business owner had to quickly get an inner tube for his e-scooter tire that blew.

This Good Samaritan decided to invite the homeless man for dinner, and they connected instantly. From then on, Cormier and her husband Andrew Embury offered him help along the way and, in due course, let him live in a good quality tent they bought for him in their backyard.

However, the 35-year-old woman has taken it a step further, raising funds for her confidante to live in an insulated “micro-home.”  The plan is that someday he will own the house entirely, with Cormier setting the fundraising goal at $18,000.

Both newfound friends have expressed the most resounding amount of gratitude for having one another in their lives.  Cormier’s comrade stated:

“She’s done more than I can ever say thank you for.”

McDonald’s plight touched the hearts of many, with the fundraising campaign exceeding expectations; donations have risen above the initial $18,000, and the drive is now closed.

While humankind continues to be cruel to those at a disadvantage, there are always beautiful souls ready to lend a helping hand. Students united in this fight for a more caring society when they took collective measures against bullies, who dumped a deaf teenager’s bag in a toilet.

High school learner Alex Hernandez who has not been able to hear since he was 1-year-old, discovered that two boys from his school threw his bag in a toilet. Enraged, fellow students set up a GoFundMe account to help raise money for him.

This funding was to replace the belongings, such as his debit card and school supplies, all damaged from the heartless act. What would you do if you saw a fellow human being suffering? Would you ignore their plight or have the courage to take action?


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