Woman claims her youthful-looking mum is 52 and has ‘proof’ to back it up

A woman has shocked TikTok users by sharing a video of her youthful-looking mum who she insists is 52 years old – and some people can’t believe their eyes.

In the clip, uploaded by Yasmin @thegirlinlust on Monday (August 30) she shows a glamorous blonde woman putting on earrings in front of a mirror.

The woman, who Yasmin says is her mum, is wearing a mesh black top from Boohoo and red lipstick and turns around and smiles at the camera.

“I just had to film her bc (because) she’s going to a party tonight and she looked so pretty,” Yasmin explains in the caption.

She adds on the screen: “Literally not worried about aging because my mum looks like this at 52.”

The woman is said to be 52 years old but looks younger
(Image: TikTok / @thegirlinlust)

Yasmin said in the comments that her mum has not had a facelift or other cosmetic surgery.

She also said her mum avoids junk food, uses “random skincare and makeup”, and advises that people avoid wearing heavy makeup and wash it off before sleeping.

“Also she pretty much never smoked or drank,” she adds.

The video has since been watched more than 1.7 million times, racking up thousands of comments, and many viewers were flabbergasted.

Yasmin says her mum avoids junk food and alcohol and smoking
Yasmin shared pictures of her mum when she was younger
(Image: TikTok / @thegirlinlust)

One person confessed: “I was waiting for you to show your mum then I realised it WAS your mum I thought it was you.”

“I was waiting for you to pan to your mum WHAT,” said a second viewer who made the same mistake.

A third viewer said: “Pls I thought you were posting a video of yourself she looks younger than I do.”

After the first video got 1 million views Yasmin showed her mum's passport
After the first video got 1 million views Yasmin showed her mum’s passport
(Image: TikTok / @thegirlinlust)

While many viewers were impressed, some thought the video was “fake” and so Yasmin hit back with a follow-up clip as “proof”.

She shows her mum’s passport which indicates she was born in February 1969 and also shares pictures of her mum from 20 years ago.

One user joked: “Honestly she looks like my friends and they’re late 40s 50s we aren’t dead yet.”

“People on TikTok think anyone past 35 looks like the crypt keeper it’s unreal,” quipped another.

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