Woman Claims To Have No Idea She Was Pregnant Until She Was In Labour

A young mum who had no idea she was pregnant – and had been told she’d always struggle to conceive – thought she was suffering from severe period pains before realising she was actually in labour

A woman who suffered from crippling period pains was stunned when she learned she was actually in labour – despite having no idea she was pregnant.

Vicky, 22, says she’d recently lost 50lbs and had never looked so slim, so had no reason to think she could possibly be pregnant.

She’d also continued to have regular periods during the nine months of her pregnancy.

Appearing on TLC’s I didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, she explained she’d struggled with her weight and appearance in the past, which had affected her confidence.

She said: “I was very overweight and I felt horrible about myself. I just wouldn’t go out with my friends – it was just work and come home.”

The petrol station worker had also been told she’d struggle to conceive due to cysts on her ovaries.

Then, at 22, Vicky was diagnosed with hyperglycaemia, meaning her blood sugar was very high. According to the young mum, her condition could only be controlled by eating at regular intervals and having five meals a day.

Following her new eating plan, Vicky lost 50lbs over one summer – which she said was “crazy” because she was eating more than ever before.

One morning while working her shift at the petrol station, Vicky doubled over in pain after suffering “horrible” cramps in her stomach.

She managed to work through the pain to finish her shift at 3pm and went home, but her worried mum took her to hospital when her symptoms worsened.

Vicky recalled: “The doctor externally examined my upper abdomen, he felt around in my ribs pushing kind of hard, then he goes ‘this is it, this is the problem’.”

He then told Vicky he’d found a lump – which was either a tumour or a baby.

“It freaked me out. I started crying, the doctor ran a bunch of tests but I was in so much pain I don’t even remember,” she recalled.

When it was confirmed that Vicky was pregnant, her anxiety only got worse. She’d had no prenatal care and had smoked throughout the pregnancy.

She said: “My worst fear was that I did something to hurt my baby.”


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